Friday, June 03, 2005

Shocking New Footage Found of Slint

well, probably not shocking.... read entire article heah

Slint Rocks Battle Of The Bands On DVD

By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

When the DVD chronicling iconic indie rock act Slint's recent reunion tour hits stores at the end of the year, it will feature a piece of footage not even band members knew existed: a 1987 performance by the group at guitarist David Pajo's Louisville high school during a "battle of the bands" contest.

"We told everyone there was only a little footage of us practicing, and that was only excerpts -- not even a complete song," Pajo tells of Slint's scarce visual archive. "That's the only stuff I know about. But [director] Lance [Bangs] somehow dug this up. It was amazing because the reunion was exactly like the way it was in '87. There's tons of tuning in-between songs, except we didn't have tuners then. So we're tuning by ear and it's really loud, but it's even longer between each song. The stage dynamic is exactly the same."


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