Monday, July 04, 2005

Temporary Residence Gets Local Love

From Kentucky's Courier Journal (read the entire article here):

Jeremy deVine might not be the last of the true believers, but there can be little doubt he is one of a dying breed. As the proprietor and sole full-time employee of the independent record label Temporary Residence, he has hung his hopes on a near-impossible dream: Making a living by finding and releasing recordings popular enough to be profitable, but not quite ready to draw major label interest.

In the nine years since he released his first 7-inch single, he has put out more than 80 records and CDs. While other independent labels, even larger ones, handle an average of 10 CDs in a year, deVine expects to release 26 this year, without the benefit of a staff. It would be hard to deny that he is crazy, at least in a way, but there is little argument that he is more highly functional than most sane people.

DeVine grew up in Louisville and was a fan of the local music scene that drew international attention during the late 1980s and early '90s -- what, you didn't notice?


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