Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Deeply Hip Summer 2005 Mp3 Mix

Someone asked me to make them a CD-R of stuff I've downloaded or posted over the summer. Rules were that it couldn't come from a CD I bought. Weird.

Music could be old or new but had to have been downloaded... I cheated a little with Sandycoates since it was a good summer song (about snowmen) and I listened to it a bit.

Of course, I had to open with "Breath Me", the song that ended the desperately hip TV series Six Feet Under on the Deeply UNhip Mix CD.

"Breathe Me" - Sia (via stereogum)
"La Nuit On a Toujuors Tout - Delaney (via vinylmine)
"Let's Kill Saturday Night" - Silkworm (via vm)
"Anti-Christ" - Currituck Co.
"Seven Silver Curses" - Fiery Furnaces (Fluxblog)
"Me Plus One" - Annie - iTunes freebie
"I Made A Bomb" - Coachwhips (VM)
"Today's The Day Baby" - fatlip
"The Lord God Bird" - Sufjan Stevens (I forget where I downloaded this - I think NPR)
"Do It Again" - Nada Surf (Stereogum)
"Another Snowman" - Sandycoates (via some vinyl I bought this summer)
"Sun Song" - Nick Castro (VM)
"Police Dog Blues" - Blind Blake (VM)
"Ignition (live)" - Superwolf (Steregum?)
"they marry" - Mi & l'au (VM)
"Breathe Me (Mylo remix)" - Sia (stereogum)


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