Saturday, August 27, 2005

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ARTHUR: #18 September 2005 MAG (ARTHUR 018) 0.01
On the cover: Border Crossing: New Sounds and Ideas from Jon Hassell, Afrirampo, Dungen, Alan Bishop. Features: "To Tell the Truth" - Douglas Rushkoff wonders if some techniques of persuasion are so inherently wrong that they should never be used; "Skeleton Women & Fisher Kings" - Maybe serial monogamy is the problem, says columnist Daniel Pinchbeck; "No Sleep Till Beirut" - Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls speaks with Brandon Stosuy about terrorism, travel, clueless Americans and curating the cut-up world music collages of his Sublime Frequencies label; "The North and South of Him" - John Payne visits with a true master: Jon Hassell, composer, trumpeter and visionary theorist-enacter of a sensual new kind of music. Plus, a beginner's guide to Hassell by John Adamian, and a provocative new essay by Hassell himself; "Tropic of Cancer" - Stricken by skin cancer, David Reeves journeyed to Iquitos, Peru. There, he found witchdoctors, ayahuasca, deluded gringos, fears of American 'facepeelers,' etc.; "Listen to the Dead" - Arthur assembles its knights for a Round Table discussion on the gems worth checking out in the Grateful Dead's vast catalog. Up for the task are members of Animal Collective, Comets on Fire, Brightback Morning Light, etc. Plus: reviews by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore. Arthur is a free publication and you may add a copy to your order at no cost while supplies last.

WIRE, THE: #259 September 2005 MAG (WIRE 259) 8.00
"On the cover: Richard Youngs (The naive shaman's rapturous DIY minimalism is re-emerging the UK's free rock underground). Features: Okkyung Lee (The New York based Korean cellist and composer reveals the secret of Nihm); Alexander Hacke (The Einst├╝rzende Neubauten bassist discusses sonic travelogues); Tracy + The Plastics (Nothing is real in the plastic universe created by the live video shows of Wynne Greenwood); Invisible Jukebox: Broadcast; Ralf Wehowsky (The Selektion founder and P16.D4 pioneer recalls 25 years of international noise networking); Hugh Hopper (The ex-Soft Machine bassist spools through his songbook and 40 years of tapeloop experiments); The Primer: Iannis Xenakis (Philip Clark gets his hyperbolic paraboloids in a twist over the Greek composer's rigorous body of work)."

CLUSTER/ENO: Cluster & Eno CD (WATER 156CD) 15.00
"Originally recorded and released in 1977, this pioneer ambient music album brought together several legends of progressive electronic music: Brian Eno, solo artist and collaborator with David Bowie, Robert Fripp, and Roxy Music; Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, both of whom had made dozens of ground-breaking recordings throughout the '70s and Michael Rother, of the hugely influential Krautrock band Neu!. This album was the first of several celebrated collaborations between these artists, whose influence looms over many current artists such as Moby, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, and Tortoise. The first in a series of Brian Eno/Cluster-related collaborations to be reissued by Water."


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