Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Arthurfest Bloggin'

The happy (and not so happy) blog reports on that vast hippy conspiracy known as Arthurfest are coming in...

WOW Report on Yoko Ono:

1) If you're going to walk onstage with a black bag over your head, make sure your entrance is secure so that the audience isn't concerned for your safety. And 2) Being rich affords one the luxury of incoherence. We did get a nice little flashlight key chain, though.
Growing/Sunn O))) via pilzjager

Billboard liked Sleater-Kinney but also covered Comets on Fire:

Downing champagne and looking like they came from a Dungeons & Dragons tournament, the latter group thrashed around the stage, creating a wall of guitar noise over "Space Invader"-like sound effects. Lead singer Ethan Miller yowled until his voice was nearly beyond comprehension, and he attacked his guitar as if fending off a rabid dog.

(h.t. Dale Cruse)
"I had my ear holes thoroughly fist-fucked by the epic rocking of the Modey Lemon," says Nathan vs. The World

Other scenesters complained it was a "ripoff" because they couldn't sneak in for free. Heh.

MORE (9/7/05 Updates):

IvyMike had the same problems with sound, lines into the theater, etc. but chalks it up to first year inexperience. He thinks Sonic Youth's new stuff was underappreciated, I think...

Sonic Youth: I'm gonna catch hell for this, but...you know when you go to the state fair, and some band like Foghat is playing? They play a bunch of their songs, maybe even some new stuff, and they give their all, really rockin' their hearts out, but the crowd doesn't really get into it, because they're just waiting for "Slow Ride". And then finally, at the end of the show, Foghat does play "Slow Ride!" and the crowd goes bonkers: "Hell yeah, Foghat's playing Slow Ride! SLOW RIDE!!!" To me, it felt a little like that.

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