Thursday, September 01, 2005

Save The Green Planet!

This month in Washington DC, I'm looking forward to the Sufjan Stevens show at 930 Club but also the onset of the annual Korean Film Festival at the Smithsonian. I'm looking forward to several films but most of all this one:

Save the Green Planet!
Friday, October 7, 7 pm, Freer Gallery of Art Do not miss this chance to see one of the craziest cinematic creations ever put on film! Jang Jun-hwan's wacko sci-fi hybrid features a disturbed young man who believes he can stave off an alien invasion by kidnapping an executive who he thinks is one of them. The thing is, he just may be right. A roller coaster thrill ride that is by turns hilarious, tragic, gruesome, and surreal, this film feels like an unholy alliance between Stanley Kubrick and Salvador Dali, but beneath the insanity lies a sincere statement about environmental destruction. 2003 / 117 min.


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