Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Swedish Fantasy Punctured!

Someone on the WOXY - THE FUTURE OF ROCK AND ROLL forums translated the words for "Panda" by Dungen. I was happy just thinking it was about a bear laying her body down.

'Panda' lyrics

Vägen bort är lång. Längre bort än hem. Känner mer och mer för allt jag kring mej ser.
(The road away is long. Longer than to home. I feel more and more strongly for everything around me that I see.)

Alla har det inte lika bra som du. Jag tror du förstår för jag gillar henne med. Hur hon är. Ibland så blir hon arg. Hon var min, men det skiter du väl i
(Not everyone has it as good as you. I think you understand because I like her too. How she is. Sometimes she gets angry. She was mine, but I guess you don't give a shit)

Hon behöver stöd.
(She can't hear this sentence)

Mamma, Pappa, Barn har ingenstans och va'
(She needs support. Mother, Father, Child(ren) have nowhere to stay)

Repeat Chorus


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