Sunday, October 02, 2005

WOW! West Wing is Back

Remember when this show was good? Well, you had better start tuning in again. Hardly any Bartlett but way lots of good TV and intrigue. Let's start with Janene Garofalo. You love her as the actress but hated her as a radio DJ? Well, her acerbic personality is in full swing as President-to-be Santos' newest advisor. Her scene with Josh was classic West Wing dialogue. Alas, she's only on for two episodes. Please, make her a regular! By the way, she's looking hot all skinny and serious. Also, what's up with the Santos sex scandal? The Hurricane? Yeeeeeee-carumba. Now we don't have to wait 30 minutes between Simpsons and Family Guy. Just ditch the Simpsons and go West Wing.

Here's the wonderful meal we had watching it...

Buy her West Wing bumper stickers here
Janene's website or fansite?"
Majority Radio (from whence I swiped the image)


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