Thursday, October 13, 2005

Peel Tribute at UK Guardian

All month the Guardian is running articles on John Peel who died 10/26/04.

Here's a breakdown of Peel's top 20 albums (originally compiled in 1997).

Peel includes Big Black in his list:

Steve Albini's late 80s band's ear-shreddingly brutal, mechanical garage rock contains a gripping version of Kraftwerk's The Model. Peel enthusiastically embraced all Albini's later incarnations, notably Shellac. But he is best known as a producer - his credits, which include Nirvana, Pixies, Wedding Present, read like a Peel alumni. Albini strips down his artists' sound to the bare minimum, eschewing studio effects in favour of revealing the band as they actually are. An aesthetic he shared with Peel, as he recalled in a recent interview: "John Peel said something that I thought was really profound. He said when he gets a record from somebody and he doesn't like it, he assumes that it's his problem and that the band would not have made that record if there wasn't something valuable about it."


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