Friday, October 21, 2005

Two New Jap/psyche Records from Chapter

Australia's Chapter Music who released Songs for Nao earlier this year are now releasing two live records from Tenniscoats and Maher Shalal Hash Baz. If you like Deerhoof but wants something even more crazy and actually more listenable (at least to me), I can't recommend the Tenniscoats more. MSHB is more an acquired taste and seem to change with the seasons but worth a spin if you like to get a spike in the naive improv psyche vein. shows the cover art and here are the descriptions:

CHAPTER 50 - MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ Live Aoiheya January 2003 CD EP A live EP recorded coincidentally at the first MSHB gig that Chapter boss Guy Blackman saw in Japan. Cult figure Tori Kudo has lead MSHB since the mid-80s, playing music based on spontaneity, melody and inquisitive experimentation, with an always changing lineup that favours untrained over professional musicians, although Kudo's wife Reiko is a constant throughout.

CHAPTER 49 - TENNISCOATS Live Wanderus CD A compilation of live recordings over the last five years from Tokyo's outstanding Tenniscoats, one of the most incredible live bands in the world whose intensity, encompassing ideas of extended, meditative improvisation and a kind of innocent darkness, has never really been captured on their studio recordings.

No idea what outlets in the States will be carrying them although FE has carried Chapter releases in the past. Label owner Blackman also has a release of songs he played with various Jap bands including the above and the wonderful Andersens and My Pal Foot Foot:

CHAPTER 48 - GUY BLACKMAN Guy Blackman In Japan CD EP Finally some musical evidence that Chapter boss Guy Blackman did actually live in Japan for 18 months, did play gigs and did do a modicum of recording, albeit all in one afternoon and with only one microphone. With guest appearances by members of wonderful Japanese bands Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Tenniscoats, Andersens, My Pal Foot Foot, Kinutapan and Pervenche, Guy Blackman In Japan contains 5 studio recordings and 3 live recordings, something of a lo-fi teaser for the album Guy is working on to be released later this year (or next, or the one after...)


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