Thursday, October 20, 2005

Henry Rollins Idiot Fan Base

It's surprising how much abuse some people will take from celebrities and still think its "pretty cool" -- the link is at:

here's the clip:

Ok, so Henry comes out starts signing stuff and talking to the people. He gets to me and my brain decides to go take a smoke he signs my CD, I try to explain my offerings to Henry... "My friend really liked what you said about teachers and he wanted me to give you this..." He looks quizzically at the folded papers... "It's a stand-up comedy class..." This guy just got finished a 2+ hour show where he had the crowd rolling, and I'm implying he needs least, in my mind that's how it sounded. I felt like a shmuck.
I sent the following email to Basil the next day...
Hey Basil...

I gave Henry your class thing...when I told him what it was, I believe the thought that went through his head was "hey, fuck you buddy". I'll be emailing him later to explain myself.


Basil apparently replied on my behalf...
Henry: My sister and I are teachers and we liked what
you said about teaching. Jared handed you what I
teach - http://www.basilwhite/comedy workshop - it's
the psychology and neuroscience of how people get

-Basil White

To which Henry replied...
Basil / Jared. It's really not for you to assume what goes through my head, fuck you or otherwise. I have the writing, the CD, all of it and I'll check it out when I get a chance if I get a chance. Thanks. HR

...Pretty cool, eh? I thought so.


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