Saturday, October 15, 2005

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"Following last year's widely acclaimed Sung Tongs album and more than a year of snowballing momentum, Animal Collective return with an eagerly-anticipated new album -- a truly stunning, inviting, often heart-warming experience. Feels is the band's seventh album to date -- their sophomore effort for FatCat -- and sees them again kicking off from their previous release to explore another different direction. Where Sung Tongs was largely acoustic-based and the product of just two members of the Collective (Avey Tare and Panda), Feels is in contrast a full group effort (also including Geologist and Deakin). Moving further away from the suggestion of folkish affinities; it is electrified, rhythmically more urgent, and overall a considerably denser work. Those sweet melodies and big catchy hooks remain intact, and the songwriting is once again bold, brave and adventurous, as ever indelibly stamped with their own unique personality. Hugely inventive and tightly focused, Feels simply sounds like nothing else right now."


ESPERS: The Weed Tree CD (LOCUST 073CD) 14.00
"When discussions were first taking place for a teaser album before Espers' next 'proper' studio full length, it didn't take any of us long to agree on the timeliness of an album of cover songs. Over the last few years while out on the road supporting their self titled debut, audiences were floored by renditions of traditionals like the bittersweet 'Black is the Color' or the intergalactic take on master traveler Michael Hurley's 'Blue Mountain.' An album of covers & traditionals was a perfect plan. Simple, no big deal. Selections were made: Hurley, Nico, Durutti Column, Blue Oyster Cult, trad cuts inspired by Bert Jansch & the Famous Jug Band & a new original called 'Dead King' -- a single dispatch from the future -- would fill out the album. We could call The Weed Tree yet another exemplary example of acid folk, baroque psych or sunshine pop with a sinister edge but none of this brings us any closer to giving meaning to a mess of unexplainable tears -- the result of the old happy/sad life humdrum that, by now, is a personal blueprint for an album gifted with the arch beauty of the Weed Tree. So, The Weed Tree is an album between the stations but, as transitions go, this is just further proof that Espers are at the nadir of what makes music meaningful & meaning matter in music today."


BOARDS OF CANADA: The Campfire Headphase CD (WARP 123CD) 16.00
"We are extremely proud to announce that Boards of Canada have finished their new album -- their first release since 2002's Geogaddi. The album is very much classic Boards, building on themes and sounds that can be heard in their intervening remix work for Beck, cLOUDDEAD and Boom Bip."


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