Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Angelina "just a pair of lips" to Gaiman

I assume Jolie is playing the mother-monster - from an fan review of a Neil Gaiman book signing:

The question of Beowulf came up, and Gaiman said he was asked by his eleven-year-old daughter what Angelina Jolie was like, was she pretty, "because that's what's important to eleven-year olds", but said he couldn't really tell, describing her face covered in 150 light spots, her costume as the suit from Tron with 'Mother' written across her breasts, so really, she was just a pair of lips to him. On set, he hung out with Ray Winstone and Crispin Glover, who had voice coaching in Old English from a 'proper professor with elbow patches' and it sounded like they were speaking to each other in Geordie.
Glover, by the way is aptly cast as Grendel.


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