Monday, November 21, 2005

When the Freedom Talks to Conor

I think Freedom is in love with the indie hearthrob and jealous of those girls in the "upper reaches of the not-quite-sold-out venue."

Anybody hazard to guess what "hopelessly brilliant" means? Entire review here.

When Oberst performed a riveting solo acoustic version of the elegiac junkie ballad "Lua," the moment was ruined when some girls in the upper reaches of the not-quite-sold-out venue simultaneously shrieked, "WE LOVE YOU!!!!!"

They may love the indie heartthrob, but they apparently don't love his gorgeous songs enough to respect them. Oberst, however, was unfazed, lost in the lyrics and the gentle, acoustic strumming. But mostly the lyrics: For several lines, he stopped playing the guitar and just sang in that odd cadence of his, his left hand stuffed into his pants pocket as he explored the upper end of his range, sounding frail and vulnerable and hopelessly brilliant.

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29 Sep 2005 by Jim H


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