Monday, November 07, 2005

New Releases for this week

Some highlights from this week's email and "new stuff" lists:

Title: Snow Borne Sorrow
Format: CD
Price: $17.00
Catalog #: SAMAD 006CD
"Nine Horses' Snow Borne Sorrow is a collaboration between David Sylvian, his brother and frequent collaborator / drummer Steve Jansen (also formerly of Japan) and electronic composer / remixer Burnt Friedman. Lyrically and vocally, Snow Borne Sorrow continues the maturing darkness of Sylvian's last solo release Blemish -- songs of struggle, doubt and resolve, Bergman-like glimpses of the realities and difficulties of intimate relationship, flashes of light and humility and caustic words about the excuses our leaders manage to find not to 'love thy neighbor.' Snow Borne Sorrow was made with a cast of contributors, including Norwegian trumpeter and Supersilent member Arve Henriksen, Swedish vocalist Stina Nordenstam, who adds marvellously elliptical responses to Sylvian's vocal on the opening 'Wonderful World,' and Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano. On the title for the album Sylvian says: 'Winter provokes introspection. Even more so the long hard winters surrounded by that cushioning, muted, numbing whiteness. It can also be a time of enormous creativity, of resolutions, resoluteness, clarity and conviction.'"


GREEN PAJAMAS ``21st Century Seance`` Studio
album finds Seattle pysch pop vets exploring the
firmament and expansive atmospheres last heard on
their classic 1997 album STrung Behind the Sun.
CD $17


ANGRY SAMOANS - The Unboxed Set - 43 songs one
CD! All their LP's on 1 CD CD $16

via unsound (I may have already mentioned this):

JANA HUNTER 'Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom' (Gnomonsong)

Jana Hunter is from Texas, the fifth of nine children. She played classical music throughout her youth, but that doesn’t really explain why she writes such haunting songs. Hunter is one of those rare artists whose craft does its work on listeners before they even notice. Deceptively simple, clear and concise, these songs surround and envelop, seeping into the skin until they are a part of you. Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom is a collection of songs written over the period of a decade. The album is a thirteen-song “best of,” recorded on four-tracks, two-tracks and computers, mostly in Texas and mostly alone.

And since I couldn't find it anywhere else and this is the best price:

A Hole Is True CD
Double Leopards
Regular Price: $11.29
Sale Price: $9.09 SALE
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Format: CD
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