Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pray for My Record Collection, Too

She must be a rocker - she's sounding as shallow as one:

I asked her about the meaning of the song "Pray for the Band, Latoya," one of the record's strongest tracks and got a terrific story from Lewis.

"It's from a waitress named Latoya when I was filming in Tennessee. It was the last day of filming, I was about to go on tour with my band, and I was feeling really exhausted and pressured because the livelihood of the band is on my shoulders, everything creatively is on my shoulders . . . so I was having this moment of feeling overwhelmed."

Enter the waitress Latoya who had been serving Lewis waffles for the better part of two weeks. Latoya, being a very religious person, asked Lewis if there was anything she could pray for on her behalf.

"There was sunshine in her eyes and such a generosity and goodness and I almost could cry and I asked if she could pray for the band," says Lewis.


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