Friday, December 09, 2005

Xgau reviews Double Fantasy

We haven't picked on old Senile Bob lately but here he is taking time out of his colostomy bag rotation to take part in the creepy media's "memorializing" of John "I'm just a bitter guy" Lennon on his deathday anniversary to settle an old score with Ira Kaplan over an obscure comment in an obscure newspaper:

Ira Kaplan of the band Yo La Tengo wrote in the SoHo News that the Dec. 7, 1980, suicide of Darby Crash of the Germs, a Los Angeles punk band, was a more important death than Lennon's.

"I thought that comment was obscene," says Robert Christgau, chief music critic for the Village Voice and a music writer since 1967.

"A lot of people were not excited about Double Fantasy [the album Lennon released just before his death], but I thought it was a great record. Was Lennon's solo work more important than the Beatles'? No. But the Beatles were the greatest rock band of all time, and they set an impossibly high bar."

I always thought the Beatles were a great pop band and a bit over-rated as a rock band.


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