Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NYC Is a Downer, Man

On the day of the NYC's biggest punk band, The Strokes 3rd release, Iggy slams the state of music in NYC:

Iggy Pop misses 1970s New York

New York : Punk rocker Iggy Pop is missing the old bad days of New York city.

According to pagesix.com, Pop said: "Everything about New York was cool in the '70s. People slouched when they walked, and they didn't look like they had anywhere to go. Everybody wasn't dressed for success. There were still peep shows in Times Square. To me that created art."

He also commented on city's rock scene. He said: "The worse New York is doing, socially and economically, the better the music. Unfortunately, it seems like New York is doing awfully well these days."


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