Sunday, April 09, 2006

You Can't Take It With You...

... so you might as well buy as much stuff as you can to leave behind for your loved ones... or you just might want to listen to some cool music and marvel at some these cool artifacts. Screw your loved ones - I'm willing my collection to a museum.

Here's some highlights from Forced Exposure's recent additions for 4/10/06


SPECTRE FOLK: Requiem for Ming Aralia CD (3LOBED 019CD) 13.50
"Leaping forth from a prior discography consisting of CD-Rs and cassettes, Spectre Folk's Requiem for Ming Aralia is a powerfully assured psychedelic folk statement. Spectre Folk is a one-man operation consisting of Pete Nolan (drums for the Magik Markers, Shackamaxon, GHQ, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, etc.). Nolan's significant responsibilities elsewhere have made him into a man who rarely has a chance to slow down. Spectre Folk offers the listener the ability to glimpse at one of those rare calm moments and it showcases the delicately twisted calm bubbling underneath the drumming furor Nolan unleashes elsewhere. Ranging from atmospheric instrumental explorations to dark and moody sing-alongs, Requiem for Ming Aralia offers a little bit of everything for fans of 'out' music. From the opening moments of the first track to the final notes of the album-closing 'Bindi Clip,' Spectre Folk has crafted an extremely solid album packed with rich, full sounds. While Nolan definitively remains his own man and Spectre Folk displays the unique sound which permeates all of his varied projects, an astute listener will detect shades of both Jandek's loosely organized outsider folk and the free-wheeling ebullience of Ben Chasny both independently and simultaneously throughout Requiem for Ming Aralia."

COR 0784

JANDEK: What Else Does the Time Mean? CD (COR 0784) 7.00
46th Jandek release, and the 3rd of 2006! Features strangled, tinny guitar and even a harmonica! Pictured on the front, a young man in winter, sitting on a bench, holding an axe.

(Jandek is playing Portland in a few weeks)


"Charles Manson visited New York City in the early '60s with his guitar, his songs and a vain longing for recognition; he then returned to Beverly Hills to record in 1967. While Manson was being tried and convicted for participation in the Tate-Labianca Murders, the government attempted to discredit the hippie movement by citing him as an example, hoping to defuse the rising tide of anger among the population over the war in Vietnam. But his songs, while controversial, are still considered musically and historically significant. This record was released briefly by ESP in 1974, and is now being reissued in extended format. With new and insightful liner notes by Manson acquaintance, Lie producer, and veteran rock road manager Phil Kauffman, this digitally remastered LP contains the most comprehensive collection of recordings that Charles Manson cut prior to the Tate-Labianca Murders and includes 12 bonus tracks that were not on the original 1974 ESP release. This is the first authorized version of this album. All royalties from sales of this album go to the estate of one of Manson's victims."

PF 011CD

WIRE: Pink Flag CD (PF 011CD) 16.00
Pink Flag is proud to announce the first ever 'proper' CD release of Wire's first three late-'70s classics. The re-mastered albums have the same track listing, in the same order as the original vinyl releases -- i.e. no inappropriate extra 'bonus' tracks muddying the conceptual clarity of the original statements -- and are presented in digipack replicas of the original vinyl sleeves with a 12-page booklet detail. "Wire's debut Pink Flag, released in December 1977, was too late -- a year after the Pistols' debut release -- to be part of UK punk's first flush but, timing wasn't all that set the record apart. The band's modernist, deconstructed rock went way beyond the buzz-saw rockabilly that had, even by the second half of '77, become punk's staple. Pink Flag's stripped-down minimalist approach was a major revelation and a big influence on the hardcore punk, new wave and underground rock scenes of the '80s and beyond."

PF 012CD

WIRE: Chairs Missing CD (PF 012CD) 16.00
"1978's Chairs Missing represented perhaps the biggest conceptual leap made during this period of Wire, and was widely misunderstood at the time yet it remains, to the band and production crew, Wire's favorite '70s album. At once more stark and more lush than the band's debut, Pink Flag, the album exerted its own influence on the course of music history having laid down one of the earliest (if not the earliest) blueprints for the genuinely post-punk aesthetic."

PF 013CD

WIRE: 154 CD (PF 013CD) 16.00
"154 was the third and final tableau in Wire's late '70s triptych of albums for EMI's Harvest label and the first to be released to universal 5-star reviews from the British music press. The album itself was more fractured than its predecessors but this shouldn't take away from the fact that it boasts moments of an assured originality and some very strong tunes! Thus it has remained the most popular '70s album amongst Wire fans."

YAZ 2202CD

VA: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 2CD (YAZ 2202CD) 26.00
"A double CD packaged in a beautiful DVD-size digi-pac containing 46 of the rarest and greatest blues and country 78s from the 1920s and early '30s. Included are two newly discovered masterpieces by legendary blues figure Son House, 'Mississippi Country Farm Blues' and 'Clarksdale Moan.' These have never been heard before and will generate tremendous interest among all blues fans. Likewise, country enthusiasts will be excited to hear the long lost, often believed never issue Georgia Pot Lickers record, both sides featuring duet fiddling by all time greats Lowe Stokes and A.A. Gray. And these are just the beginning of a lineup of super rarities and unissued gems. Many of the tracks, like Luke Jordan's 'If I Call You,' have never been heard even by the most advanced collectors, thus imbuing this release with loads of charisma and cachet. Striking cover art by legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb. Inside the larger format package is a booklet insert with extensive graphics and notes, including a hilarious expos´┐Ż on the lunacy of collecting. Features super rarities, many never before heard, by giant figures in early American rural music like Andrew and Jim Baxter, Sweet Brothers, Jay Bird Coleman, Clarence Ashley, Tommy Johnson, Dock Boggs, Memphis Jug Band, Allen Brothers and many many more."


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