Monday, April 10, 2006

Lost Burma Tracks Found

The Phoenix has an article on Rick Harte, founder of Boston's Ace of Hearts Records. He's back in the game - having released just released a retrospective and consulting with Mission of Burma. Of interest is this news that I hadn't seen reported elsewhere:

More important to hard-core Burma fans, Harte recently rediscovered a pair of unfinished songs on the same tape reel as “Max Ernst” and “Academy Fight Song,” which the band returned to the studio to complete.

“It was peculiar because we don’t have that much attachment to these songs anymore,” Miller relates. “We hadn’t heard them since 1979, and we played only one of them out, for only about six months.” Nonetheless, “Devotion” and “Execution” are now complete and will appear on Harte’s next compilation as well as the Burma EP Signals Call and Marches when Matador reissues the band’s historic catalog later this year. As for Burma’s current music, their new The Obliterati (Matador) hits the street May 23.


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