Monday, September 04, 2006

My Fall TV Preview - Monday

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip: Long names are death to TV shows so they should shorten it. I saw this pilot and man it was fine until D.L. Hughley hit the screen. That guy can't act and he's in a show filled with some fine TV actors. Sorkin's shows always a cloying and manipulative but I'll probably watch again, if not to see Matthew Perry's hair stand on its end as much as to see if Amanda Peet can keep her fine sheen going.
7h Heaven - Never watched it never will. It's like bran cereal supposed to be good for you but oh so awful to contemplate actually eating.
The Class: I'll reserve judgement for now but the whole premise of a guy getting together his third grade class buddies sounds pretty lame. I can't even remember who was in my third grade class and probably wouldn't want to see them if I did.
Deal or No Deal: Wait -- the DEAL was that Howie Mandel would never be seen on TV again.
How I Met Your Mother: Watched it a few times. Harmless although Doogie Howser steals every scene he is in and Willow from Buffy is a bit lost here as the horny wife of the loser gym shorted drummer from Freaks and Geeks. That's the co-stars - I can't even picture the guy who is actually supposed to be the star of the show or the female lead. Ha ha.
Two and A Half Men - I guess the joke is which man is the half man. But in all truth, don't know, don't care. and really, this is as stupid a sitcom as Sisters.
Runaway - A sort of Fugitive Family from The CW. Donnie Wahlburg as a guy falsely accused of something who goes on the lam with his wife, his dreamy teen son (gotta stoke that teen girl demographic) and his toher brats. But do we really want to see a buncha kids and wife whine about life on the road week after week?
The Bachelor Rome - Um, must I even waste my time writing about this monstrous stupidity?
Heroes - Shouldn't this be on Friday nights when the geek demographic takes over TV programming because they can't get dates (where didya think Sci-Fi Friday came from?). Anyway, I suppose its sorta like X-Men but with lots more angst then even that.
The New Adventures of Old Christine - Not funny. The lead actress should be happy to collect royalty checks from Seinfeld for the rest of her life and give it up, sympathy Emmy or not.
What About Brian? - What about the idiot who greenlighted this lameosity? What about his Benz going up on E-Bay within a few months?
CSI: Miami - David Caruso has got to be one of the worst lead actors on TV. His "intense" delivery of nearly every line and his intense eye glaring has me rolling on the floor laughing. "Who....took... ... ... my... coffee" William Shatner's Kirk has now been eclipsed.


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