Saturday, May 07, 2005

Speaking of our favorite geriatric


Details on his new DVD can be found at

Here's the track list from Iggy DVD and upcoming Euro tour dates:

Disc one:
"No Fun"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog"
"Down on the Street"
"I Got a Right"
"Gimme Some Skin"
"Search and Destroy"
"Gimme Danger"
"Raw Power"
"Kill City"
"China Girl"
"Sister Midnight"
"Lust for Life"
"The Passenger"

Disc two:
"Some Weird Sin"
"I'm Bored"
"I Need More"
"Run Like a Villain"
"Cry for Love"
"Real Wild Child (Wild One)"
"Cold Metal"
"Well Did You Evah!"
"Wild America"
"TV Eye" (live)
"Loose" (live)
"Look Away"
"I Felt the Luxury"
"Skull Ring"

Here are Iggy Pop's tour dates:

May 27: Barcelona (Primavera Festival)
May 29: Lisbon (Super Bock Super Rock Festival)
June 4: Paris (Effervessonne Festival)
June 17: Bari, Italy (Yellow Festival)
July 22: Lucerne, Switzerland (Blue Balls Festival)
Aug. 26: Leeds, England (Leeds Festival)
Aug. 28: Reading, England (Reading Festival)


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