Monday, June 20, 2005

Me and My Uncle

One day me and my Uncle went fishing. First we went to this really scummy sandwich shop on the island (Long Beach Island) and grabbed us some Ham, Salami and Mayonaise Subs. After a few hours in the hot sun, we decided to eat lunch. At this point, we realized that we hadn't put the subs in the cooler (well, there wasn't room what with all the Molson beer). But we were hungry and ate them anyway. We started getting sick a few minutes later and the rolling nature of the sea and battering sun didn't help things.

My Uncle's anidote for seasickness/food poisoning was to switch the music from stoner country rock to musak. He seemed calmed by this music - I, on the other hand, only got sicker. But it was his boat and who was I to change the tunes. I "fed the fishes" so much that day, I was finally puking the green bile at the bottom of the stomach.

Caught two blues but I didn't eat 'em for another day.

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