Saturday, June 04, 2005

Some new releases

the following look interesting:

MT 108CD

GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE: City Calls Revolution CD (MT 108CD) 13.00
"Produced, engineered and mixed by Paul Mahajan. Got Green Milk? From across a veiled and ashen cosmos, well, from across the Sea Of Japan anyways; from the Planet Orange, hidden somewhere in the bosom of Nippon, gushes forth a froth of Green Milk. Fleeing is for naught, because City Calls Revolution is an eruption of Vesuvian intensity, and the Milk flow flash and searing, thick with Magma, scorching beast and building in its glowering wake. It's time to get psyched about psych again! If GMFTPO's first was its ersatz Future Days, then City Calls Revolution is its angry Yeti."


VA: Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word CD (DELAY 001CD) 16.00
"Folk-Funk? Electric Folk? Hippy-Rock? Acid Folk? Sunshine-Pop? Folk-Fusion? Folksploitation? Once again music lovers struggle to bridge the deep and wide gully where another hybrid genre wanders lonely amongst the vinyl ghosts of yesteryears' ethereal love songs. Let us introduce a flock of unsung songbirds who flutter between rocks and hardened pastures too commercial to be traditional -- not successful enough to be credible -- from the wrong side of town -- on the other side of the globe. Here are some of the would-be folk legends that you didnĂ­t read about, they never played the festivals and you never heard their records... until today. Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word is the debut release from Delay 68 Records, a brand-new label from Cherry Red Records, set to bring you the best in folk, funk, psych, prog, ye-ye, & beat from across the world. Compiled by, and featuring original artwork and sleevenotes from Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve), fans of Andy's groundbreaking Music To Watch Girls Cry mix CD (an insanely eclectic mix of 75 tracks in 76 minutes!), and Finders Keepers' compilation on Fat City Records will have some indication of what to expect from this enthralling compilation." Artists include: Carol Batton, Kathy Smith, Sarofeen & Smoke, Brigitte Fontaine, Linda Perhacs, Breakout, Musica Dispersa, The Poppy Family, Wendy & Bonnie, Bonnie Koloc, Heaven & Earth, Erica Pomerance, Audience, The Roundtable, and Sidan.


MAKE A RISING: Rip Through The Hawk Black Night CD (HIGH 005CD) 13.00
"Tunneling its way out of the West Philadelphia nether worlds, Make A Rising arrives with their utterly unique sound fully formed on their debut album. Rip Through the Hawk Black Night is a swirling mix of violin, keyboard, guitars, drums, saxophone, trumpet, bells, whistles, and assorted noisemakers -- all swelling together to manifest subversively addictive pop gems. With orchestral crescendos, off-kilter vocals and fast-changing tempos, Make A Rising is the sound of chaos, bliss, bravado, nerves and naivety -- avant chamber rock at its most dynamic. Imagine Daniel Johnston singing Beach Boys songs interpreted by Naked City."

VA: Music for Plants 2CD (PERF PLANTS) 21.00
"Compiled by artist Peter Coffin. It contains over two hours of music composed by the following musicians specifically for this project: Black Dice, Alan Licht, Jutta Koether & Tom Verlaine (of Television), HiM, Chris Corsano, Tim Barnes, Barry Weisblat, Sean Meehan & Michael Evans, seed( ) & Tetsu Inoue, Mice Parade, Weise & Koh, DJ Olive, Kenta Nagai, Ara Peterson (of Forcefield), Hiroshi Sunairi, Liam Gillick, Arto Lindsay (of DNA), Electrophilia (Steven Parrino and J. Koether), Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom, David Grubbs, Deaken and Geologist (of Animal Collective), Carter Thornton, Fugu, Languis, Anthony Burdin, Phil Manley (of TransAm and the Fucking Champs), Zs, Roland Alley, Rusty Santos, Kites, Wiese & Koh, This Invitation, LoVid, Tony Goddess, Flanged Confection, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Ariel Pink, Dearraindrop, Christian Marclay and the No Neck Blues Band."


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