Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Steve Ballmer: He's Got Some Rage

I love Steve Ballmer and he and his ragin' temper are in the news again.

Ballmer, the face of techno-corporate America (the Microsoft CEO) is famous for his outlandish employee "pep" speeches that always worth watching when you need a lift. I wish Steve Ballmer would quit Microsoft and start a speed metal band. He'd be a great guest on Headbanger's Ball.

Lately, Google, in the guise of Eric Schmidt, has been raiding his engineering talent.

"I'm Going To F*king Kill Google" - Alleged Ballmer Temper Tantrum

The Microsoft-Google fight over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee takes another bizarre turn as allegations are levied in court documents that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a tempter tantrum involving chair throwing and a declaration to "f*king kill Google" over another Microsoft employee departing to Google.

John Battelle's got a screenshot and extract of a legal declaration in the case by Mark Lucovsky, the former Microsoft distinguished engineer who went over to Google earlier this year and has posted of Microsoft not knowing how to "ship software" any more.


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