Monday, October 24, 2005

New (or Re-Issued) This Week

There's stuff here from FE and Bomp! (at the bottom)


BORBETOMAGUS: Barbed Wire MaggotsCD (AGARIC 1983) 14.00
CD reissue of what was the 4th Borbetomagus album, originally released on LP by Agaric way back in 1983. The trio of Jim Sauter (reeds), Don Dietrich (reeds) & Donald Miller (guitar). Recorded at In-Roads, NYC. May 7, 1982. "Barbed Wire Maggots is a motherfucker, even now, 23 years after it was recorded. Recorded at In-Roads on Mercer Street, BWM documents a gorgeous evening of extreme sonic dialogue. Sauter and Dietrich's reeds skinny-dip into virtual classicist free mode at times (think 'Trane having an erotic dream of Frank Wright), but more often they tangle like electric eels dropped like tampons from the poop hatch of a 747. Upper register bowel tingling never felt so good. Miller's guitar joins them up in the stratosphere, plugging raw current into metal bowls, sizzling like a wok full of stewardess jiz, just creating and distorting and worrying the fabric of the cosmos like some idiotic terrier-god from a lost part of the Upanishards. Everything just moves so beautifully here. All of the early Borbeto hallmarks are on display: the ducks-attacked-by-lawnmowers thing; the Wilhelm Reich Busts Another Cloud scenario; the angel-wire-thimble connection ; the part about the cop car getting crushed by a bulldozer inside a maelstrom in a sewer drain -- it's all here. What is most remarkable about the music on BWM is how fresh it still sounds. There're no clich├ęs brunted about here, nothing that's time-coded in the least; it's even difficult to really categorize the music inside any genre. Jazz, industrial, rock, free...there are elements of all of those here. And they are blended and/or smashed together in ways that will make yr hair feel lighter than feathers, lighter than maggots, lighter than anything." -- Byron Coley

BLUE CHEER: Vincebus Eruptum LP (AK 99011) 13.00
Akarma's all-time vinyl bestsellers now on 120 gram standard black vinyl. The first Blue Cheer album from 1967, originally issued by the Philips organization. Features their "hit" cover of "Summertime Blues" and the beginning of their documentation to be the loudest/heaviest rock band ever.

FELT: Felt LP (AK 99127LP)13.50
Akarma's all-time vinyl bestsellers now on 120 gram standard black vinyl. Originally released by Nasco in 1971. "Turn of the decade psych rock from Alabama USA. Melodic Floyd-like progressive flourishes but with blistering acid guitar, soulful vocals and shimmering keyboards. Crashing riffs and peaceful waves abound. Originally on the same label as Electric Toilet."

DRONES, THE: Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies... CD (ATPR 018CD) 14.50
Based in Melbourne, this second release from The Drones is a magical but terrifying ride toward the edge of danger... sometimes chaotic and stern, sometimes melodic and joyful. Summoning the dirge/garage grime of The Cramps, and the hollow bellow of Nick Cave or Jon Spencer, The Drones aren't afraid of hiccups and raw, explosive guitar scrawl. Emerging as one of the best new bands in Australia, the combination of Mike Noga (drums), Fiona Kitschin (bass), Gareth Liddiard (vocals/guitar) and Rui Pereira (guitar) first began their beautifully chaotic journey in 2001, with the release of their manic, but poetic debut album, Here Come The Lies. It was an exuberant, soulful, harshly beautiful and darkly comical affair in garage/blues howlers. It also received huge praise all over the world and is now heralded as an Australian classic. The Drones' music can be compared to early Green on Red, fellow Australians The Scientists, early Birthday Party, Suicide, Hank Williams, Towes Van Zant, Black Flag, and Dirty Three with their live performance conveying an unmatched intensity. Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By, is proof that The Drones are well and truly of one of the most intense and gifted bands in the world, on stage and record. This is the distillation of Australian rock n' roll history condensed in one perfectly-formed album. This is Down Under voodoo.

HARVEY, MICK: One Man's Treasure CD (MUTE 9303CD) 16.00
"Mick Harvey -- celebrated arranger, multi instrumentalist, producer, film soundtrack composer and co-founder of the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party --moves with total ease to the centre stage for the superlative One Man's Treasure. One Man's Treasure is an inspired and moving collection of classic songs. The basic album tracks were all recorded by Mick Harvey at his home studio. Some are original compositions, some of these songs once belonged to songwriters such as Lee Hazlewood, Tim Buckley and the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club. What links this enduring material is a spirit reminiscent of the best urban Australian alternative country music and the fact that Mick Harvey felt a passionate, personal connection with every song."

VA: Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up CD (NUMERO 006CD) 18.00
"Samba Soul. Afro-beat. Reggae. What were once loose-fitting descriptions for American influenced homegrown R&B, are now but common parlance in the lexicon of genre classification.These regional movements all yielded monumental sonic innovations that returned to America with tidal force, eventually flooding the world with third world treasure. The music of Detroit and Memphis were quite possibly America's largest cultural export of the 1960s, spawning imitators with every radio wave that whispered 'I've got sunshine... or Sittin' in the morning sun... into the fertile ear of the uninitiated. For every Nigeria there were ten Ghana's, and every shiny Brazilian soulster had his counterpart in Peru, Argentina, and Columbia. Good news travels fast, and as the gospel of American soul hit the beaches of Trinidad, the Bahamas, and in this case, Belize, it was as though the Gods had not just spoken, but sung. A Cargo Cult is what happens when one culture begins worshipping the byproducts of another. Cult Cargo is the unexpected result of that devotion. It is here in these sixty odd minutes that The Numero Group unveils a style of music completely unknown to the greater world before we dragged it from the beaches of Belize. The national dish of Belize is made with a diverse mixture of ingredients, pig's tail, potatoes, plantains, bananas, boiled eggs, yams, whole fish, thrown in a pot, and boiled to perfection. They call it a Boil Up. The music of this collection combines equal parts of R&B, calypso, disco, funk, reggae, bruckdown, soul, folk, and whatever else can be found back on the bottom shelf of the musical pantry. This too is called Boil Up, and it's anything but leftovers."

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GUN CLUB - Mother Juno. An amazing crash between
punk rock, blues, country and pure rock'n'roll.
Classic. CD $12

JEFFREY LEE PIERCE Wildweed. Second solo album
by Gun Club's lead singer, produced by Craig Leon
in 1985. Includes 'Love And Desperation'. CD $12

STOOGES Telluric Chaos. (SKYDOG ) Amazing live
album of the reunited Stooges. 'Telluric Chaos'
was recorded in Tokyo last year, and features The
Stooges still in electrifying form, playing many
of their classics plus some new Stooges numbers
from the "Skull Ring" album and the world
premiere of a brand new Stooges number, "My Idea
Of Fun". Down On The Street' never sounded so
potent, not even on record. 'I Wanna Be Your
Dog', 'No Fun' & TV Eye' are so fresh that it
sounds like they wrote them in the back of the
van on the way to the show. A truly amazing live


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