Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Indie Cognescenti Parody Sir Bob (but its for a good cause)

Canadian musician Nicholas Diamonds brings together such folks as Beck, Arcade Fire and Rilo Kelly to parody "Do They Know Its Christmas" and raise some money for that Unicef charity (anyone remember that Bewitched! episode about Unicef?). I'd pay just to hear Thurston and Karen O sing "save our souls" even if my money goes to some charity controlled by witches... I mean, the U.N...

The 30-some participants were recruited via connections and chance encounters, but there was no group singalong à la "We Are the World," the 1985 hit single for African famine relief. Mr. Diamonds and Mr. Gollner recorded the basic tracks in Los Angeles, and the vocalists either dropped by separately or, like the Inuit throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, sent in their lines from afar.

On the resulting track, Beck recounts horrors like "children on streets, begging for treats," while Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs beg, "Help us! Help us! Save our souls!"

From the NY Times - written by JESSE FOX MAYSHARK who has an even funner name than J. Freedom Du Lac.


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