Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Former EW Power Dude Returns to Music

G. Cosloy (on the right), sports blogger and physical fitness aspirant, out of the blue clues us in on his Top Five songs. This brings back fond memories being at the Post Office in Oxon Hill reading Conflict straight out of my PO Box and having the LaRouche guy eye me suspiciously. Except now I'm at work and I'm 20 years older and my employees are eyeing me suspiciously.

Here's his take on the The Kills:

The Kills – “I Hate The Way You Love” (From ‘No Wow’)

We’re in an age of insanely talented, iconic duos. Jack & Meg. The Black Keys. Shields & Yarnell. Those guys from “Stella” — if you shoot all 3 and replace them with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

My fave duo, however, are the pseudonym-crazed couple that make up this UK/Florida pair, and despite some superficial similarities to some of their stripped down contemporaries, the Kills recall lesser talents of the recent bidding war scene not nearly as much as they do Suicide. Which is a good thing, I think, especially as the imagined kinship comes neither from the chosen instrumentation or the live presentation. It’s more about the menacing vibe and the two unique personalities playing off each other.. Vocalist V.V. garners a lot of the attention, naturally enough, but her considerable skills aside, there’s stuff that Hotel is doing on the guitar that’s almost other worldly. His reverb-soaked excursions are a dizzying death-rattle, the kind of self-taught virtuosity that makes you think a few more times about all the places the instrument can go in a supposedly limited genre. I mean, I’d think about it a few more times, but I keep re-playing his parts.

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