Monday, December 12, 2005

Two Weeks Worth of Stuff I Can't Afford But Will Probably Buy Anyway

?Yeah, for Christmas shopping, I'm gonna have to go to the dollar shop and buy everyone a coffee mug.

I missed an update last week so here's a super big one... first batch are from Forced Exposure.


VA (MATT GROENING): All Tomorrow's Parties: 3.1 CD (ATPR 016CD) 14.50
ATP's latest compilation, curated by The Simpsons/Futurama/Life In Hell-creator, Matt Groening. Featuring performers from the Groening-curated 2003 All Tomorrow's Parties festival, this release is a reflection of the artist's passion and dedication to music, as well as a tribute to his past history as a music critic for the L.A. Reader. This compilation features regular album tracks, as well as some rarities, including an unreleased Jackie-O Motherfucker track, and Sonic Youth's interpretation of The Simpsons theme, previously available only on the 1996 compilation Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons. The cover art and pull-out poster should please any die-hard Groening fan and the music within provides a reassuring appraisal of a group of artists that, even after years and years of work, still remain relevant and vital. Artists include: Sonic Youth, Iggy and The Stooges, The Magic Band, Spoon, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, The American Analog Set, Electrelane, Deerhoof and Jackie-O Motherf***er.


ARTHUR: #20 January 2006 MAG (ARTHUR 020) 0.01
On the cover: SunnO))): Blacker Sabbath: Doombringers SunnO))) and Earth Journey Into The Void. Features: "I'm Just Saying" - New Orleans filmmaker Henry Griffin returns to the Ninth Ward; musician Alan Bishop listens to the Buddha Machine; "Business is Good" - by Douglas Rushkoff; "Under a Blanket" - Somewhere amidst the music-box plinkings, plangent strings and percolating drones of Colleen's music is Cecele Schott"; "Dr. Moustache and the Egyptian Gentleman" - American journalist/photographer Daniel Chamberlain concludes his travels in the Middle East with a journey through Syria and a return visit to Egypt; "A Deeper Shade of Doom" - How do the drone-metal bands Earth and SunnO))) get something out of nothingness?; "The Whole Enchilada" - David Lynch talks about Transcendental Meditation with Kristine McKenna. Plus: reviews by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore. Arthur is a free publication and you may add a copy to your order at no cost while supplies last


CARIBOU: Marino CD/DVD (DNO 072CD) 15.00
"For those of you lucky enough to have caught the Caribou live experience as it ploughed through North America, you were treated to an audio-visual experience to be remembered. And now you don't even have to do that, because now you can take it home with you. Marino contains over 60 minutes of visual and audio content taken directly from said tour. The videos featured were made by Dublin's Delicious 9 outfit, who have made all the visual content for the previous Manitoba and Caribou tours. Most of the images in the videos were hand-drawn and colored later on the computer and then meticulously pieced together alongside the kaleidoscopic swirl of electronics and the double drummer attack that is the live Caribou experience."

JANE: COcOnuts CD (PSP 012CD) 13.00
"Coconuts is a second official release by Jane, the duo made up of Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear of Animal Collective) and DJ Scott Mou (aka Queens). Recorded in 2002, Coconuts introduces the sound of the duo's early days -- the title track was made during Jane's first meeting. It was originally self-released as a limited edition CD-R. Psych-o-Path is proud to see this work through its first official release. A musical union that spawned from a mutual love of dance music has evolved into a sonic manifestation of a collective unconscious, one that eludes all conventional perceptions regarding what can be accomplished compositionally through the use of a turntable, mixer, keyboard and effects. Lennox and Mou relish in the freedom of home recording, calling upon the cooperation of the viscera and cerebrum in the listener, with two psychedelic jams. Through repetition and transcendence, these pieces form an erratic tide, straddling cohesion and sprawling, intently refusing to choose between the two. On COcOnuts, Mou and Lennox serve to challenge preconceived notions involving the constituents of psychedelic music. The overwhelming presence of sweat-drenched stringed instrumentation is noticeably absent. In it's place is percussion that is both pulsating and skeletal (achieved through Mou's masterful manipulation of the turntable), awash with keyboards and effects, joined by Lennox's mournful, amorphous vocals. The link between these musical mediums and the realm of psychedelia is indulgence. The abscesses of the Id are gracefully confronted and pondered. The ego, and its desire for instant gratification, has been swept up in this ocean of sound. Trusting is with its weight, it chooses not to swim against the tide, but float with it, and allow itself to be carried where this acoustic sea considers fit."

Via a BOMP!Records

GALAXIE 500 - PEEL SESSIONS Following up their
new full-length, The Earth Is Blue, on their new
20/20/20 label, DAMON & NAOMI have assembled the
rare, often-bootlegged, GALAXIE 500 Peel
Sessions, which capture the group at the height
of their abilities and feature a selection of the
band's personal favorites, along with some
unexpected cover songs. Includes both Peel
Sessions, recorded September 24th, 1989 and
October 30th, 1990 respectively. Wonderful. (GW
pick) import CD $15

Via Aquarius Records:

FURSAXA "Amulet" (Last Visible Dog) cd 11.98
Over the past couple of years, Tara Burke
(aka Fursaxa) has entrenched herself as a
mystical queen for the free-folk crowd,
channelling the disaffected sorrow of Nico as
well as the transcendent visions of 12th Century
abbess Hildegard von Bingen. On her previous
recordings, Burke sewed together her albums from
short vignettes of narcoleptic folk songs,
typically in the form of monotone lullabies in
which her resonant voice radiated through
stoned-and-droned acoustic guitar strum and / or
farfisa arrangements. So it's very rare to finds
a Fursaxa song that clocks in at anything longer
than 3 minutes, which curiously is ample time for
her to hypnotise her audience with her utterly
compelling songs. Amulet, thus, is a bit of a
detour from the collections of shortened songs as
she offers four extended pieces of sprawling
drones built out of delay-pedal loops. On the
first couple of tracks, it's Burke's voice that
takes center stage, spiralling into a hypnotic
set of oscillating patterns, mossy psychedelic
chants harkening back to the dark ages. She
accentuates these tracks with occasional
interludes for flutes and hand bells. On one of
the final tracks on Amulet, Burke sets forth on a
slow-motion acoustic guitar renditition of a
Glenn Branca symphony, aiming for nothing more
than transcendent hypnotic monotone. Beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful!


The Pink Mountain Tops
The Ones I Love/Erected (2005)

VINYL FORMAT. From the battlefield to the bedroom, we all need a little loving. Sex, war, rock'n'roll. A history of arms. Let the hard times roll into the strawberry fields, baby! Black Mountain singer and vocalist Stephen McBean gives us twno new Songs, in anticipation of the new Pink Mountaintops' full-length to come out early 2006.

7" Our Price: $4.40

Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice
The Flood (2005)

NYC psych-folk masters Wooden Wand return with their most realized record to date. Fans of the new psych underground will be really excited. Fans of Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective, and Johanna Newsom will not be disappointed.

CD Our Price: $13.99


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