Friday, December 16, 2005

Making up Band Names (the Albini Division)

If you remember, a few months ago I posted (and even got a few comments for once) on made-up band names

Among my faves were:
  • Fuck Me Troubadour
  • Murph's Bald Head
  • Cider Runs Down Her Legs
  • Elf Wing
  • Play Freebird!
  • Purdie's Tuba Company
  • I Know, You Know, So Fuck It
  • Crazyglue Remover
  • Mr. Durso's Gym and Geometry School
  • The Post-Partum Depression of Brooke Shields
  • is there a...
  • Neutron Bureaucrats
  • The Fuji Period
  • Balk
  • The Party Celebrating the Destruction of the United States
  • The Asian Hand Puppetry Booth
  • A Yo La Tengo Cover Band
Steve Albini's forum had a similar contest - here were some of the better contenders -- they voted on best name and proving that Democracy once again sucks, the worst name (Police Teeth) won. Here are the ones that should have won:
  • Are you there god? It’s me Danzig
  • Ed Begley, Jr. and Solar-Powered Corolla
  • tightest diaper
  • people, hi-five the pope
  • Fuck You and Your Impregnable Fortress!
  • Diarrhea Piñata
  • Test Fuck
  • Practice Wife


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