Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Angry Squirrel Threatens Lawsuit Over NYE/Flaming Lips Cancex

Dude, Dr. Cox wants one of your "Man Cards":

The last-minute cancellation of the Giant Village New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Los Angeles didn't just throw people's Saturday night plans into disarray. In some cases, it disrupted lives, as in the case of the man set to propose to his girlfriend from the stage.

News of the refund came as little consolation to James Smith, a journalist from England. He planned to propose to his girlfriend onstage, during a set by the alternative rock band the Flaming Lips, while wearing a squirrel costume. The group is known for its outlandish live performances involving animal outfits, lights and video screens.

He said he spent more than he could afford to buy plane tickets from London and rent a hotel room. But once at the event site, he and his girlfriend were turned away by security.

"It was one of the most crushing disappointments I've had," said Smith, 29. "It blew my plans out of the water. I was completely gutted."

"To dance onstage with the Lips was my life's ambition," his girlfriend, Tara Street, added. Smith later proposed at the hotel and she accepted.

I hope, that at the very least, he got lots of sympathy sex and she let him wear the squirrel costume... read the rest here


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