Monday, September 04, 2006

More Fall TV Previews - Tuesday

Gilmore Girls - Watched an ep of this last season because Sonic Youth were on. It was embarassingly long-winded and I'm not talking about the eye-glazingly horrid performance by Sonic Youth and other indie-types pretending to be protesting troubadors (I'm not gonna explain it, as it would take all day). No, it's the lead actress who is long-winded. But it's nice that annoying people have their own show. It has a decent audience for The CW and maybe they'll stick around for the infinitely better Veronica Mars.
Friday Night Lights - I liked the soundtrack of the movie but I'm kinda doubting that Explosions in the Sky are going to be doing the soundtrack for the TV series. I'm not that into football to think that I would care about the drama of a high school team and I don't see any names associated with this that suggest it will be worthwhile. Pass.
Big Day - A show following a single wedding day. 24 for the Estrogen set... honey, please don't wake me up when this is on.
NCIS - A show that was past its prime in the first season so resorts to gimmicks. This year Mark Harmon has "lost his memory" -- is that like the oldest trick in the book for a TV show? I find the goth smart chick just so incredibly insulting to young people on soooo many levels. I'm planning on not being home when this is on.
Notes From the Underbelly - Sex and the City for pregnant chicks. **long sustained shudder**
Dancing With The Stars - I'm amazed at just how content-starved the viewing public must be to make this a hit. Hint: if you put good drama and comedies on TV, people will watch them. Until then, they'll eyeball whatever gimmicky reality TV show you can throw at them because watching "real" people (or E-list actors dance) and their spontaneous utterances is more enjoyable than or whatever crappy scripted show is being pushed on the networks.
The Unit - I get enough guys in cammies on cable news every night. Don't wanna see a drama about it.
Standoff - Two police negotiators handle prison riots, bank robbers with hostages, etc. etc. Ron Livingstone stars so it might be okay but there are so many other cop dramas out there, one more is going to be lost unless it stands out for other reasons and Livingstone is a bit bland for this type of role. This is the kind of show that will get a makeover mid-season and some scene stealer will be inserted to give the show some oomph.
The Knights of Prosperity - Hey, Donal Logue is in it and it's not a family sitcom.
House - I really find this show just as tedious as other medical dramas. I think House is winning the MurderSheWrote-Matlock demographic. He's like a cranky old person.
Law and Order: Criminel Intent - Performance artist Eric Bogosian joins the cast. Wouldn't mind seeing a few good scenes with him and Vincent D'Onofrio just to see what it's like.
Help Me Help You - Like Julia-Louise Dreyfuss, Ted Danson just won't go away.
Boston Legal - Get rid of everyone else but Shatner, Spaader and a few foils and this would be the best legal show on TV, perhaps best ever. In other words, please can Candice Bergen and the assorted personality-free young and beautiful lawyers that litter the script each week?
Smith - Another ripoff from the Brits (Hustle). Ray Liotta oughta make it worth watching once, though.
Law and Order: SVU. This is the one with the psycho from Oz and Richard Belzer and Ice-T. I've maybe seen it once and found it pretty mediocre. Everytime I see the title, I think it's about Sports Utility Vehicles.


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