Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mick Takes Some Credit

An interview with Mick Harvey:

"Some people try to suggest that a lot of the fact that there's anything at all is down to me," says Harvey, chuckling.

"If people latch on to that, they are putting it out of proportion, too. I think probably I held a lot of things together during the 80s, which might have fallen apart. I certainly held stuff together during the 80s - for good or bad.

"I don't think Nick would have shrivelled up in a corner if I hadn't been there. He is very focused and desirous of expressing [himself]. He's an artist, he's a writer. He would have just kept going without me."

Harvey laughs and jokes a lot - a contrast to a good number of dark moments in Cave's music. And while it isn't world-weariness, Harvey's sceptical of fans and music critics who have taken Cave and the band too seriously over the years. Is it a reason he avoids the limelight?

"In some ways. At the same time I don't mind a bit of recognition for what I'm doing. You are kind of out there doing this stuff. We have all got egos. You like to get confidence and see that what you're doing is being appreciated. But I'm not really that interested in the glare of publicity.

"Most people leave me alone even if they recognise me because they don't really know what they'd say to me. With Nick they feel compelled to try to say something. I don't know why. Maybe they've read something he's said in interviews or they feel like they know him. I get left alone a lot, which is fine."

Harvey sees nothing wrong in people being intrigued by Cave. But he does get annoyed when in some articles it's been at the expense of discussing their music. "It's very strange for me a lot of the time reading articles and interviews with Nick. I feel bewildered at what they are going on about."


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