Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Arthurfest: "Debacle"

Now Playing Magazine didn't like Arthurfest and it's only Day One. While they reserve most of their disgust with the sound, they also throw in comments on the organization and food:

It’s really a shame. This could have been a marvelous experience. A two-day festival run by one of the hipper underground music magazines, showcasing the kinds of artists that, frankly, I thought no one liked but me, Arthurfest promised to be a kind of Lollapalooza for losers, a chance for spectacled white boys to dance awkwardly to all the virtually-unknown bands they’re proud to have clogging up their iPods. The thrilling mix of the electronic and the folky, with a healthy dose of blues and straight-up punk thrown in just to keep things interesting, made the lineup into a kind of banner for musical open-mindedness, but the unpleasantness of day one was so all-encompassing that it diminished everyone involved. From the poor organization of the venue – one of the stages was indoors and more or less inaccessible unless you felt like standing in a long line, which made sampling the bands playing there virtually impossible – to the general amateurishness of the concessions – though I admit that the food, once you waited a very long time for it, was excellent – you’d be hard-pressed to find a more textbook example of how not to run a festival.


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