Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm Gonna Be Materialistic, But in a Beat-Boy Stance


This batch of wannahaves from the latest lovely loot at (note guest review at the bottom by actor Alan Cummings (The Anniversary Party):

BARDO POND: Selections: Volumes I-IV 2CD (ATPR 014CD) 18.00
Following their 2003 ATP release On The Ellipse, Philadelphia indie-psych drone masters Bardo Pond return with a new offering comprised of rare unreleased tracks that have previously only been available in limited numbers as CD-Rs at the band's live shows. Selections is the band's seventh full-length release, and documents the highlights of their career, re-mastered and repackaged by ATP. Formed in 1989 by brothers John and Michael Gibbons, Bardo Pond is one of the most seriously underrated bands of the past few years and Selections is no exception to their mesmerizing work. Both heavy and intense, the album possesses a hypnotic spell that lures you into a psychedelic lair and always leaves you wanting more.

CABARET VOLTAIRE: Radiation CD (DYNA 017CD) 15.00
"This 13 track collection is the cream of Cabaret Voltaire's many BBC appearances. As with most BBC sessions, the album is an excellently produced collection that displays the band at the peak of their creativity, capturing the energy of a live performance with the quality of a studio recording. Includes 'Sensoria,' as well as three tracks that never appeared elsewhere in the Cabaret Voltaire discography." Features sessions from 1984-86 (although the label conveniently does not list this info -- is it illegal in Italy to list factual details on your CD products?). This CD has been out before on other labels with additional tracks, nice work Dynamic! [this CD has 11 tracks, not 13 as mentioned above -- which is how many tracks previous editions had. Maybe counting all the way up to 13 is illegal in Italy as well.

FALL, THE: Hex Enduction Hour 2LP (EAR 40040LP) 26.00
"Originally released in 1982, this is The Fall at their most brilliant! As twin drums and guitars slash their way through the twisted pop underbrush, a scathingly demagogic Smith takes off on a crash course across the cultural and political spectrum that has left decades of fans marvelling at the gnarled wreckage. Featuring an entire album of bonus tracks." 180 gram LPs, gatefold sleeve.

NARITA, MUNEHIRO: Narita CD (PSF 161CD) 18.00
"First solo album by High Rise and Kyoaku no Intention six-string speed meister Munehiro Narita. Featuring a guest appearance by Takashi Ueno of Mahel Shalal Hash Baz, Tenniscoats, and a couple of dozen Majikick-related units fame. With High Rise currently on extended vacation, Narita has been burning up stages across Tokyo in his aggressive, free-jazz inflected improv rock unit Kyoaku no Intentions, and more recently in naked solo style. The time is definitely right, after over twenty years in Tokyo's premier lysergic garage psych outfits, for Narita to unleash a solo album. Serious students of Narita's guitar style will have noticed that for all its surface rock grime and ton-up speed thrills, it has always been a structurally complex thing drawing upon free jazz and free improv methodologies as much as greaser grunt. Even so, for those expecting a conflagration of demon-speed riffs and slash 'n' burn avant-garde dynamics, Narita will come as something of a surprise. He has deconstructed the most thrilling elements of rock guitar's pyrotechnics -- wah-wahed smears, slowed down slides, sensual string bends -- and retooled them into service of a far more subtle improvised psychedelia. Tonally it sounds like nothing else, rocked out and avanted up, meditative and impassioned cool all at once, Derrida with a Marshall stack." -- Alan Cummings


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