Friday, September 09, 2005

Letters to Lisa #1

Dear Lisa,

Last night I dreamed my Mom had kicked my cat out of my house when I left home (I was 18). Only thing was that I got my cat when I was in my early 20's and it died 17 years later. Anyway, I went back to my old neighborhood and found a kitten that looked like my old cat. Then my old cat crawled out from underneath a car and made strange alien-like accustatory sounds. Half his body had been shorn off so he was a half-skeleton cat.

As for alcohol, I'm down to one lite beer a day taken with my meal. It's like my daily pill. And yet, I'm still insomniac. Last week, I stayed with relatives and they were concerned that I had my light on all night. But I did see "Die Hard" for the 300th time. Why is Bruce Willis always paired up with a sympathetic nerdy black guy? On cable, the language is cleaned up so it comes out "Farg you, Gruber!"

Sex? whatever...



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