Monday, October 24, 2005

Another Band Tries to Ride Yo La Tengo's Coattails

Althoug news is sparse about our favorite Hoboken band these days (although go see the movie "Junebug" if you can find it), we might as well pass on what other folks are saying.

F'rinstance, EMI Recording Artists and Tweemo Swedish Pop band, The Shout Out Louds' guitarist has declared his love for Yo La Tengo and a desire to "collaborate":

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Carl: Right now I'm really listening to a band, Yo La Tengo, my favourite band. I've got all their albums.


Are there any bands you'd like to tour with or collaborate with?
Carl: I'd like to collaborate with Yo La Tengo! It would be fun to collaborate with some different kinds of music, like maybe an electronic band; something different to what we're doing.


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