Monday, October 24, 2005

Rapper Allegedly Shot; Plugs New Album

Mere minutes after I drove the jammed Saturday night lanes of New York Avenue, NW, "Cam'ron" was allegedly shot by alleged carjackers who were allegedly pursued by a "protective services officer" (bodyguard) and allegedly ditched their SUV. Police are allegedly "investigating" but wouldn't offer any opinions as to motive.

Cam, who wears pink and diamonds (reportedly he wore $200,000 worth of jewelry which the alleged carjackers failed to steal) and is in an alleged rapper "war" with the allegedly retired Jay-Z was shot in the "arms" and released almost immediately from the hospital. Cam'ron, who "likes to hang by himself" (did we mention he wears pink and diamonds) and known for his "flamboyance" was allegedly seperated from his 30-man entourage after leaving a Diddy sponsored party at famed DC club H20 in Southwest.

Giles, driving his royal blue 2006 Lamborghini and wearing what a friend later described as $200,000 worth of diamonds and other jewelry, was shot in both arms after stopping at a red light on New York Avenue NW, police said.

"I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22," Giles said as he left Howard University Hospital yesterday afternoon with an entourage of friends, fellow rappers and bodyguards. ...

Giles's forthcoming album is called "Killa Season."


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