Tuesday, September 26, 2006

OK, so I ran out of steam on trying to critique the new TV season but...

some random comments on TV. Apparently, the theme song to Veronica Mars has changed. But, they had to change the song - because all the people Ronnie used to be friends with, she's now friends or at least allies with, or they're dead, exiled or participating in an "epic" relationship.

Speaking of TV... and music, is anyone else annoyed by the way David Kelly uses music? Since he doesn't have a laugh track, everytime there's something "funny" (or more like one of his characters acts weird or gets called out), the soundtrack plays this obnoxious "bump" music to get into the next scene. It's like he's saying, "okay, you can belly laugh at whatever obnoxious thing William Shatner or James Spaader just did or said..." so we can get back to the drama with the normal-looking/acting people.

As long as I'm getting random, now that Facebook has opened up membership to anyone, does anyone want to be a member of their club anymore. And yeah, I just wanted to join to check out pictures of the women.


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