Monday, September 12, 2005

Things To Do On Sunday Night Between 830 and 900

Anyone see The War At Home last night on Fox? If you watch the Simpsons and Family Guy you had to sit through this. It's horrifically bad - like watching a train wreck in slow excrutiating slow motion.

Here are things to do for those lost 30 minutes:

- Change the sheets on your bed - they're awful!
- Clean your oven of all the lasagna splatters
- Rip a DOA LP to digital for your Best Hardcore Ever iTunes playlist
- Summon a demon from the depths of Hell
- 20 Minute phone "stimulation" call (allow 10 minutes for fluffing and cleanup)
- Write a letter to Fox demanding that the Best of Cops: Dirty Girls on Crack be aired instead
- Write a letter to Pat Robertson about this show so he can order a hit on Michael Rappaport
- Off some gang members in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- Call up Mom and Dad to request a loan for a $4k Alienware game computer
- Send spam to Michael Rappaport offering to sell him a new soul


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