Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ann Coulter in tie-dye?

Anthrax Ann talks about her love of the Grateful Dead...

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Agony Shorthand music blogger and zinester Jay Hinman makes the funny pages with an AP story about his beer blog. The only thing I discriminate about beer is whether its cold or not -- Miller Lite or Belgian Monk Ale, it's all the same to me...

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
Beer blogger Jay Hinman downs a Blue Moon Wheat beer at the Valley Tavern in San Francisco.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Recent Acquisitions...

Been awhile since I did one of these... Here's some stuff I'm thinking of picking up (or have already picked up) this weekend:


1 magazine + cd BELIEVER #35 2006 Music Issue $10.00

1 7" BISHOP, SIR RICHARD Plays The Sun City Girls $6.98

1 12" DEVENDRA BANHART White Reggae Troll $6.98


Title: Osaka Bridge
Format: CD
Price: $14.50

Title: Forgive Your Friends
Format: 12"
Price: $9.00
Catalog #: MONIKA 048EP
James Figurine is Jimmy Tamborello (Postal Service, Dntel) and these remixes feature tracks from his album Mistake Mistake.... by artists The Field, John Tejada and David Figurine. The album will be released on CD by Plug Research in the US, but this 12" is exclusive to Monika worldwide.

(yeah, I'm a Postal Service pussy)

Title: Exotica Vol. III
Label: REV-OLA (UK)
Format: CD
Price: $16.00
Catalog #: CRREV 105CD

Title: Come Into Our House
Format: CD
Price: $13.00
Catalog #: SAAH 042CD
"West Coast psychedelic folkie Nick Castro is currently making some of most dynamic and truly original sounds to emerge from the much-ballyhooed new folk movement. As 'freak-folk' and assorted hairy-fairy type labels grab the headlines in the underground, Castro strives for a solemn, serene sort of beauty, summoning utterly melodic incantations in song and sound. Gracefully immersing '60s/'70s British Isles acid balladry with Middle-Eastern traditional music and heady, pan-cultural communal jams, Castro succeeds in reaching otherworldly vistas and ocean-spanning folk transcendence. Following up 2005's lauded Further From Grace, Castro unfurls his sprawling third album Come Into Our House, easily his most far-reaching and deeply molecular outing yet. An East-meets-West melting pot of instrumentation -- from acoustic guitars, upright bass and piano to Celtic harp, Moroccan tabla and nyabinghi drum -- Come Into Our House is at once primitive and polished, elaborate yet elusive, effortlessly mating Bert Jansch-style folk song ('Winding Tree'), psychedelic folk rock ('One I Love'), Middle Eastern traditional music ('Attar') and Bay Area acid-raga ('Lay Down Your Arms') to a kind of organic studio musique concrete that Can forged on albums like Tago Mago."

And then finally, my one major label purchase via which has a good price:

RATHER RIPPEd Rather Ripped Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped (2006)

CD $10.08 (You Save $3.87)
The Wire (p.63) - "While it seems improbably that Sonic Youth have fully mellowed, RATHER RIPPED finds them at home with some old fashioned rock verities." Sonic Youth: Kim Gordon (vocals, guitar, bass guitar); Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore (vocals, guitar); Steve Shelley (drums).

Friday, June 09, 2006

A reason to rejoice

... or at least bash your head up against a concrete block.

Flipper show in San Jose...

Gary Singh of Metroactive blurbs his cherished Flipper memories:

My main experience with the band was in 1991. I presented bass player John Dougherty with a bottle of Bushmills at 469 S. Third St., where a bunch of us were partying before the show. The rest of the band was somewhere else. Dougherty was Flipper's replacement for Will Shatter, who had overdosed on heroin in 1987. Later that evening, Flipper played at Marsugi's, which is now the upscale Agenda Lounge. I joined in for the pre-show indulgences (at least the legal ones). Dougherty was making fun of me because I wouldn't do rails of speed with him.

Later at the gig, nobody was in a good condition—the band or the audience. After shooting up in the kitchen, frontman Bruce Loose made it to the stage, and the first thing he did was insult all the opening bands. He then proceeded to bash San Jose throughout the entire show. It was wonderful. Someone in the crowd finally shouted, "You suck!" Then Bruce replied, "How can you say what sucks? You live in San Jose!"