Saturday, March 25, 2006

Organ Awakens

Ben Chasny has a new EP prepping for June...

As reported on CMJ and Six Organs website:

Tracklist For The Sun Awakens:
01. Torn By Wolves
02. Bless Your Blood
03. Black Wall
04. The Desert Is A Circle
05. Attar
06. Wolves' Pup
07. River Of Transfiguration

Friday, March 24, 2006

Screaming Into My Pillow, Dept reports that Warner Bros has brought Rykodisc...

Recognized as a leader in independent music with a diverse catalog spanning many musical genres and eras, and an award-winning independent distribution company and label, Ryko is a perfect complement to WMG's existing businesses. By applying WMG's marketing expertise, strength in the digital space and its leading position in U.S. independent distribution, we're confident that we will be able to maximize Ryko's value. We look forward to working with Ryko's talented and passionate team in realizing Ryko's potential.

Smog Alert

via Drag City:

Smog! Remember him? Mr. “A River Ain’t Too Much to Love”? That was an awesome record! Everyone said so — and now, everyone’s gonna shit twice and die when they see that Smog has a new CD single on the marketplace that revisits those bitchin’ days when A River Ain’t Too Much to Love was on our turntables all the time. Ah, last year — how distant you have grown! How’s this new single gonna conjure such an amazing feat? Basically by having two of the songs from A River Ain’t Too Much to Love on there — and what’s more, by being enhanced to have the videos for those two songs on there too! It’s awesome...but just because we know and Smog knows too that you like new things (fickle bastids), there’s two new songs on there also! They’re in the eternal, deathless style of A River Ain’t Too Much to Love, thus serving art, continuity and Smog’s slavish devotion to what his public loves the most! It’s not too much to love — it’s just enough. And you’ll see it with those other two releases — in June.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Courtney Love Cursed Gene Pool Revealed

From the uber-fascinating Seattle Weekly story....

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reasons to Write Bad Checks

(just kidding, Mr. Cop)


TUNNG: Mother's Daughter and Other Songs CD (ACE 036CD) 13.00
"Tunng's newest record was recorded in the dark basement of a women's clothing boutique in their native England. Singer Sam Genders and producer/writer Mike Lindsay actually began their musical careers by composing softcore porn soundtracks, but those days are far behind. Today, the duo (with the help of several additional background musicians) is writing lush, dark, and organic tracks that stun their audiences. Lindsay has described the band's songwriting as follows: 'I like to have different textures convey a feeling, create an atmosphere.' And that atmosphere has been well-received. Tunng has already garnered a plethora of enthusiastic reviews overseas and in the U.S. 'People Folk' lounges gently over a pagan beat, like the Beta Band lost in the Congo; 'Fair Doreen' melds scratchy electronica with a pastoral, quintessentially English dynamic; 'Out the Window With the Window' is a spooky semi-instrumental, perfect spot music for The Wickerman itself. North American license of Static Caravan release."


JOHN, ELTON: Legendary Covers As Sung By Elton John CD (DBK 118CD) 16.00
"Back in the day of budget comps covering the hits of the day, a young Reginald Dwight paid the rent adding his malleable pop voice to these tasty UK concoctions. And the results are superb! Sixteen tracks of note-perfect hit reproductions with a pre-fame Elton adding his star-ready vocals to 'Spirit In The Sky,' CCR's 'Travelin' Band,' 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered,' Badfinger's 'Come And Get It' and 12 more!"

DC 309CD

LOOSE FUR: Born Again In the USA CD (DC 309CD) 13.50
"Rising from the undead three years after their debut is Loose Fur with an album of all new, all-American rock and roll called Born Again In the USA. The Loose Fur II sound is irreverently all over the place. Twinned electric guitarmonies and stop-on-a-dime rhythms give way to breezy acoustics and melodious whistling, which in turn fades into an ominous well of vibes, percussion and...distant thunder. Throughout Born Again In the USA, Loose Fur keep the changes (and the chuckles) coming, crafting a complete album of classic and questing pop music that threatens to satisfy fans of Wilco, O'Rourke, On Fillmore and even Godpsell all at once. It's just that all-encompassing -- a populist entertainment that takes no prisoners. Loose Fur is a super group/power trio (take your pick), comprised of Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Glenn Kotche (Wilco and On Fillmore) and Jim O'Rourke (Loggins & Messina)."


RA, SUN: Heliocentric Worlds Volume 1 and 2 CD (ESPDISK 4026) 17.00
This CD was released in 2005 (as ESPDISK 4005), but is now reissued again, with new cover art! New version on Bernard Stollman's ESP-Disk, combing both volumes on 1 CD (for the first time). Remastered from original tapes! "1965 was an important time in the shaping of the definitive music formula for the Sun Ra Arkestra. It was these recordings that brought Sun Ra to the forefront of the free improvisation movement as a leader and an innovator."


"Audio for this release is taken from the UK only Grass single. The title track of the single is a brilliant three-minute slice of feral, infectious pop, driven by pounding drums and yelping and hollering vocals. Two further tracks -- 'Must Be Treeman' and 'Fickle Cycle' are exclusive to this single. The former is a derailed slice of acid ambience -- all mushroomed, munchkin vocals and collapsing veils of treated electronics, while 'Fickle Cycle' -- a live favorite -- is another stunning rhythmic piece that perfectly complements 'Grass.' The DVD includes the 'Grass' video by superhate, 'Who Could Win A Rabbit?' video by Sung Tong's engineer Danny Perez, exclusive 'Fickle Cycle' video by Feels recording engineer Scott Colburn, and an exclusive six minute video and sound collage by Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance."

GI 051CD

VA: Idol Tryouts Two 2CD (GI 051CD) 16.00
"A double-disc overview of the label, with most tracks brand new, and none previously available on CD. Extremely limited 3LP gatefold version available, with the exclusive Manhunter track 'North Pole.' Avant-Pop denotes a distinct brand of off-center pop treasures -- it follows no formula, but you know it when you hear it. On this disc, exclusive tracks from Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys, Mobius Band, and the rest of the Ghostly roster document the crossroads where the avant-garde and the popular converge. Matthew Dear and Dabrye also appear, foreshadowing their respective sophomore LPs (both due in 2006) and the label's stylistic movement into the future. SMM is a mysterious acronym (Sensual Machine Music? Stately Modern Melodies?) that encompasses music of a more enigmatic nature, with an emphasis on textural and melodic nuance. This collection follows in the tradition of Ghostly releases by Twine, Aeroc, Lusine, and Kiln, with friends of the label such as Loscil (Kranky), Richard Devine (Warp) and Terre Thamelitz (Mille Plateaux) contributing exclusive tracks."


MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ: Kunitachi Kibun ('84 & '85) CD (PSF 164CD) 18.00
"Maher Shalal Hash Baz stand at the pinnacle of Tori Kudo's eccentric and beguiling musical weltanschauung, a stew of soaring melodic genius, na�ve wisdom and the eternal amateur freshness of left-footing your own brain. Emperors of error, indeed. Their very special talent has been recognized by a slew of underground labels across the world and garnered them famous friends and fans aplenty including The Pastels. But until now, the very earliest roots of the band have remained shrouded in misty tendrils of mystery. Kunitachi Kibun delves deep into the band's beginnings, presenting two previously unreleased gigs, including their first show from December 1984 when they played in a legendary triple header with High Rise and Kosokuya at the Kid Airaku Hall in Tokyo. The second show from six months later includes an appearance by the late alto saxophonist Masami Shinoda. Both soar with idiot-savant genius, Tori's truly distinctive guitar and vocals creating their own idiot-savant networks of logic with the rest of the group. A stupendous glimpse into a simpler world of communal transcendence and music making." -- Alan Cummings.


GELB, HOWE: 'Sno Angel Like You CD (THR 167CD) 13.00
"'Sno Angel is an ambitious undertaking with Giant Sand frontman Gelb backed by a full gospel choir, Voices of Praise, as well as Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara."


CLIPD BEAKS: Preyers CD (MEOW 124CD) 10.00
"Clipd Beaks is the P.M. Dawn of noise-rock. Recorded in late 2004, Preyers documents the anxiety of five boys growing into men in the last strange days of the American Empire. Each of the six songs offers a kaleidoscopic view into their collective mind, a sonic galaxy of claustrophobic psychedelia encompassing krautrock, Factory Records, This Heat, and acid-damaged raps about Abu Ghraib."

TZ 7262

HAINO, KEIJI: New Rap CD (TZ 7262) 14.50
"Keiji Haino is a mysterious psychedelic minstrel who has been performing his peculiar blend of rock, medieval music and improvisation since the early 1970s. Incredibly prolific, he has headed dozens of bands and released hundreds of CDs on a variety of labels around the globe. His latest project is a wild duo with Ruins mastermind Yoshida Tatsuya, the undisputed master drummer of the Japanese Underground. Featuring Haino's unique singing and screaming style as well as his best guitar playing to date, this is a remarkably varied and creative program of radical music by two of Japan's greatest originals."

Punk Reunions

Flesh Eaters original line-up via contra costa times:

... the Chris Desjardins-led Flesh Eaters and L.A. bands like them (the Gun Club) were all about abolishing satin-jacketed excess and its kind -- and, for the most part, they succeeded. Plumbing the depths of nihilist philosophy and true crime, alongside penman Charles Bukowski and dark-siders the Doors for inspiration (and, oh yes, the New York poetic punk explosion that sparked Patti Smith, Richard Hell, and had its ripple effect on this coast as well), these would-be musicians and poets were inspired to go ahead and do it themselves. It's an often-told story, true, but this is one 25-year reunion to tell about. When the lineup that made 1981's "A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die" comes together, it means that you'll find Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman, John Doe and DJ Bonebrake and Steve Berlin (names that regularly appear in this column in association with their bands the Blasters, X, the Knitters and Los Lobos), along with Flesh Eater and Divine Horseman Chris D., for one night only, April 5, at Slim's.

Details: Show is 9 p.m. Tickets are $15. Contact 800-225-2277,,

Also, Cheetah Chrome motherfucker is trying to pull together some semblance of the Dead Boys and Rocket from the Tombs, even though the principal members of both are dead as nails and Charkattack also announces he will be playing guitar for a reconstituted Crime - what lit a fire under his ass all of a sudden?

It's not the original band, of course, since singer Stiv Bators was hit by a car and killed in Paris in 1990. But guitarists Cheetah Chrome and Jimmy Zero will split the vocal parts on a short Canadian tour this spring. Although no dates have been officially announced, Chrome said this to "We're going to do about a week's worth of gigs in May, starting around the 8th up in Montreal.

"The confirmed dates so far are Montreal, Toronto, London and Hamilton. And then while we're there, we're going to do a couple of long rehearsals, and then for a couple of days we're going to record things — just mess around in the studio and see what we come up with. We have no idea what to expect from it, but we figure we'll run some ideas around at soundchecks, block out 10 hours and see what we've got at the end of the day."

The band, who also feature drummer Johnny Blitz and bassist Jeff Magnum, haven't written any songs yet. But Chrome believes they can come up with something approaching their memorable 1977 debut, Young Loud And Snotty, which spawned the punk classic, "Sonic Reducer."

Chrome is also breathing new life into Rocket From The Tombs, which also features Pere Ubu singer David Thomas and Television guitarist Richard Lloyd. RFTT were actually the predecessors of the Dead Boys and broke up in 1975. The experimental rock band reformed for a tour and live album in 2003, but now Chrome plans to get the group together to write new material.

Chrome is also working on a solo record, while the Smogville label is compiling a retrospective of his non-Dead Boys career. He may also contribute lead guitar to a new album from a San Francisco band called Crime.

-----end snippette>

Friday, March 10, 2006

Siltbreeze website up

In the 90's, I pretty much lost hope for rock. There were a few bright lights but mostly it was crappy Radiohead retreads (and Radiohead), U2 recidivism, pretty-boy pap like Coldplay or grasping artfulness (hello, 90's Sonic Youth, Tortoise, et al).

But then there was Siltbreeze... anyway, if you remember one of my top songs came from Siltbreeze's first album in several years from Times New Viking. So, they're back with a new website. More info here.

Really Bad Poetry Department

Every few months we come across examples of Byron Coley's trademarked Really Bad Poetry. Here's a Really Bad Poem he wrote with Thurston Moore.

Enjoy your Really Bad Poetry.

Byron, I know you have the groovy poet first name but maybe you should go back to writing rock and roll reviews? Thurston, you have a day job. Better keep it. it biodegrades after two plays but...

Sub Pop Recording Artist, Kelley Stoltz, is Singing the "Greens"

Created Using 100 Percent Renewable Energy, New Album is First to Sport the Green-e Certified Label

Press Release from Bonneville Environmental Foundation

This recording was made using 100% green-e certified renewable energy.

March 6, 2006

This recording was made using 100% green-e certified renewable energy

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling real bad for this drummer

What a classic set... Film School ripped off:

1966 Ludwig blue sparkle 13", 16", 22"
1964 Ludwig supralite snare 14"
14" Zildjan A series hi-hats
20" Zildjan A series crash
24" Paiste 2002 Dark ride
1 SKB 22" bass drum case
1 SKB 16" floor tom case
1 SKB 14" snare drum case
1 SKB 13" tom case
22" SKB cymbal case
2 Pearl stronglight stands
1 Pearl hi-hat stand
1 Pearl Bass drum pedal

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Alloy Orchestra in town

DC - here's your chance to see Alloy Orchestra with Roger Mission of Birdsongs Miller at the National Art Gallery's Dada exhibition - yeah, now you have an excuse to see DuChamp's urinal or whatever...

Dada Cinema and Music with Alloy Orchestra
March 11 at 4:30 p.m.
March 12 at 6:30 p.m.
The Alloy Orchestra's percussive style -- generated by means of drums, hubcaps, truck springs, bicycle wheels, and other objets trouvés -- is at ease with the Dada aesthetic. This second of two musical events featuring Dada cinema will showcase the Alloy Orchestra's scores for a selection of short films. Their program of works by Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Viking Eggeling, and Fernand Léger highlights many classics of the Dada movie canon. (approximately 80 mins.) Discussion with the orchestra members will follow.
Calendar of Events | Film Events list

Movie: Moby still claiming he was in Flipper

What a pathetic gnat. He was in the audience for a couple Flipper shows and sang some songs - so did several other hundred people. They probably took pity on him. Anyway, there's a movie that is repeating the Moby was in Flipper lie - guy in the foto looks like he has a dick in his mouth... note mispelling of Ian MacKaye's name...:

"American Hardcore" director Paul Rachman (left) with Steven Blush, the author of the book of the same name, after the world premiere of the film at the Sundance Film Festival. Sony Classics picked up rights to the film in a number of territories including North America. Photo by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE
Sony Classics Closes Deal For Punk Rock Doc, "American Hardcore"

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired North American, Mexican, Australian, New Zealand and German rights to director Paul Rachman's 2006 Sundance Film Festival world premiere doc "American Hardcore," written by Steven Blush, and inspired by his book "American Hardcore: A Tribal History." The film gives an account of the American hardcore punk movement from its early roots in 1980 through its heyday in urban centers through its decline in 1986. Originally scheduled to screen at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival later this week, the film was pulled from the event following the acquisition.

From 1980 to 1986 followers of hardcore music, mostly Reagan-era misfit kids, created a social movement that went on to influence many of the biggest bands of the '90s and today. Many admirers of the era claim that without the American hardcore movement, grunge rock bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, as well as the music of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys and Green Day, would not exist.

Rachman, a music video director and filmmaker, documented many of the bands at the time and worked closely with them to gather archival footage of performances, as well as new interviews. He is one of the founders of the Slamdance Film Festival and premiered the movie in the midnight section at Sundance this year. The movie had been scheduled for the midnight section at SXSW as well, but was withdrawn from the event after Sony Classics closed its deal for the movie.

Through interviews and rare footage, "American Hardcore" charts the roots of hardcore in the U.S., which in part, grew out of a reaction against the rise of Reagan conservatism and a backlash against American suburbia. The pillars of American punk, including Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Ian McKay (Minor Threat), H.R. (Bad Brains) and others recall the era throughout the film.

"It was the manifestation of youth... kids gone wild," said McKay (in the film), he later fronted Washington, D.C. band Fugazi. "For being losers, we were creating something better," said singer Moby (formerly in the band Flipper), about the time period, also in the film.

SPC co-presidents Michael Barker and Tom Bernard as well as Dylan Leiner, EVP of acquisition and productions, negotiated the deal with Diana Holtzberg of Films Transit International, Inc. Stephen F. Breimer of Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosentha & LaViolette, LLP and Marc Glick of Glick and Weintraub provided legal advice to the filmmakers.

"Sony Pictures Classics historically likes to celebrate films that define an era, a movement, a subculture," commented Michael Barker, Tom Bernard and Dylan Leiner in a joint statement. "'American Hardcore' is the genuine article in every way - the authenticity, the storytelling, the filmmaking. Paul and Steven have done an excellent job in capturing the Hardcore scene and we look forward to making it a part of the cinematic landscape."

Recent Releases of Note



SPACEMAN, J: Guitar Loops CD (TRD 006CD) 17.00
"The first solo recording by J Spaceman of Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized fame. A strange and lovely work." Jason on Fender Jaguar & shaker, thru a Fender Super Champ. Studio recording, in one continuous take, June, 2005.


COLLEEN: Mort Aux Vaches CD (MAV 055CD) 19.00
"Colleen is a French musician working within a minimalist and melodic aesthetic using acoustic instruments. She released two albums on The Leaf Label, Everyone Alive Wants Answers in 2003 and The Golden Morning Breaks in 2005. Colleen has developed a specific repertoire for her live shows as she cannot reproduce most of the songs from her albums live and does not want to use any prerecorded element in her live shows. This Mort aux Vaches release, recorded in September 2004 in the VPRO studios, provides insights into some of the songs that she played live between 2002 and 2004; songs that paved the way towards her second album in which she completely abandoned the use of external sources such as samples and started recording everything herself. The variety of instruments (classical guitar, zither, ukulele, cello, thumb pianos, recorder, melodica and music boxes) reflects her deep love of acoustic instruments, and the occasional use of looping and delay pedals brings the music closer to the layered feel of her albums. This recording captures songs that are no longer in her current repertoire, as Colleen constantly tries to create new pieces for live shows."


FIRST NATION: First Nation Coronation 7" (PAW 010EP) 5.00
"Paw Tracks presents the debut single First Nation Coronation from the New York City trio First Nation. Just over a year old, First Nation (featuring Melissa Livaudais, Nina Mehta, and Kate Rosko) have already shared the stage with fellow musical cohorts and admirers The Animal Collective, Excepter, and Gang Gang Dance. Their single contains two songs. 'Antelope Attack' is, well, exactly that: all hoof stomping, melodic tones rustling in the wind, and then the feverish rhythmic chase. 'Braided Metal' is the sound of a Glenn Branca orchestra gone atonal before giving up and going twee pop."


TERRESTRIAL TONES: Dead Drunk CD (PAW 009CD) 13.00
"Brooklyn's Terrestrial Tones is the roommate duo of Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Dave Portner (The Animal Collective). Over the years the two have been quietly making music in between Animal Collective and Black Dice commitments. Recorded in their apartment while living in Paris last summer, Terrestrial Tones' third record Dead Drunk sounds like the duo spent a bit too much time in the Parisian flea markets. African food stands, forgotten European pop records, discarded American analog pedals and junk, old Soviet electronics, they all come together into something highly disconcerting, curiously pleasurable, and beyond new."

MAGIC BAND, THE: Back To The Front CD (ATPR 006CD) 14.50
Originally released in 2003, Back To The Front is Captain Beefheart's legendary group The Magic Band reuniting after 20 dormant years. They first reunited to play some shows and perform at the 2003 ATP festival in L.A., featuring key members John "Drumbo" French, Gary "Mantis" Lucas, Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley, and Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston. Playing classic tracks from all the best albums such as Safe As Milk, Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby, and Clearspot, this is something all Beefheart fans must have. Includes the bonus track "Nuff 'N Yes I Do."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Stuff (and Old Stuff) for This Week

I missed this weekly post (not that anyone seems to care) but here's some of the latest from Aquarius, Forced Exposure and Darla:

First from AQ who have a shitload of great new stuff in their latest newsletter (#234) and their always informative reviews. Visit their site to stream some of the tracks.

album cover IFUKUBE, AKIRA King Kong Vs. Godzilla (OST) (La La Land Records) cd 16.98
We were recently visiting another store here in town, and were totally struck by whatever it was they were listening to. It was exactly the sort of thing we love here at aQ, it was creepy and dark and droney, sort of familiar, but totally strange and alien at the same time. Huge moaning horns, lots of incredibly low brass, emitting cacophonous groans, strange monk like chanting, it sounded a little like something we could have heard, maybe Hermann Nitsch, or Arvo Part, it was sort of choral, but also tribal, and those horns, it was like the sound they made was a physical entity, a brass wave filling the room, eventually we had to swallow our pride and ask just what the heck they were listening to. The answer was of course King Kong Vs. Godzilla. WTF?! KING KONG VS. GODZILLA? Now we love us our King Kong, and our cheesey, men-in-rubber-suits monster movies, but we certainly didn't remember the music being so... weird, and heavy, and haunting, and beautiful. Now that we've been listening to this soundtrack for a week or two, it's nearly impossible to imagine how this could be the music for a battle between those two classic movie monsters. And if we do, we can't help but imagine the typical clumsy rubber suited battles transformed into impossibly arty ballets, drenched in blacks and greys, gauzy and arty, like some hellish painting brought to life.
King Kong Vs. Godzilla, originally released in 1962, was the most maligned and misunderstood, as well as somehow the most successful of all the Godzilla movies. Unlike the films before it. KK Vs. G was a bit more light hearted (you would never know from the score!), the monster suits less scary, the whole film a subtle satire of Japanese commercialism. For it's American release it was tinkered with, chopped, edited and poorly dubbed. The result while obviously a far cry from the original's intent, resulted in a film that still appealed to the American market's love for cheesy monster movies and was thus a sucess here too.
Sadly though, when the film was re-edited for US release, the score was mostly replaced with music from The Creature From The Black Lagoon! Apparently that's not totally unheard of, since once a film is dramatically re-edited, the original music just doesn't sync up, but once you hear Ifukube's score it's impossible to imagine anyone wanting to replace it.
Since this is a soundtrack, there are definitely tracks that exist to support particular onscreen visuals, be it a melancholy bit of old timey jazz, some festive marching band music, a bit of playful calypso pop, some tribal drum / chant interludes, but for the most part, Ifukube's gives us a series of creepy, haunting orchestra driven chunks of dramatic moodiness, forboding and sinister, evoking not so much images of giant apes and lizards, but instead of human misery and terror, the frailty of human existence in the face of monsters and demons. Bleak and oppressive, funereal and somber, but with glimmers of hopefulness, and stretches of what sounds like resilliance in the face of doom, calls to arms, an amazingly emotional score for a monster movie, all conveyed via the aformentioned moaning horns swooping ominously above martial drumming and booming tympani's, balanced by bits of soaring strings and chanting vocals. We want to see this movie now so bad, but at the same time it almost seems like these sounds would be tainted, even though they were composed to accompany those specific images, having heard them on their own, the music has taken on it's own life, its own meaning, and exists fully realized simply as music, even (especially?) removed from it's visual counterpart.
We imagine that this was most likely re-released to coincide with the recent Peter Jackson King Kong remake, which is also probably why you won't find ANY images of King Kong anywhere in the booklet or on the sleeve. But don't let that keep you from discovering this amazing recording.
Extensive liner notes including the fascinating and convoluted history of the film as well as notes on each track.
Sidenote: Recognize the recurring theme? Check the sound sample for "Godzilla's Resurrection." We did the second we heard it, those low horns, that stacatto 'dun dun dundun'. It's the loop from Pharoahe Monch's 1999 hit "Simon Says" (which you might also remember as the song Sam Rockwell dances to in the first Charlie's Angels as he gets ready to torture Drew Barrymore)!
MPEG Stream: "Main Title"

album cover NARDWUAR THE HUMAN SERVIETTE Doot Doola Doot Doo... Doot Doo! (Alternative Tentacles / Nardwuar The Human Serviette Records) 2dvd 21.00
If you have even a tiny inkling of who or what Nardwuar The Human Serviette is, you know this is a big fucking deal! For years and years, the contents of his monumental interview archive vaults have only been accessible in bits and pieces on his home-compiled VHS tapes, on his weekly college radio show in Vancouver and on brief Much Music appearances in Canada, but now finally you can take a heaping double platter home with you!!! Are you prepared? For five and a half hours worth? Well, if you're unsure as to whether you have the endurance for it, we strongly recommend that you brace/pace yourself, and don't be dissuaded. Stock up on snacks, take the phone off the hook, you'll be okay. Hell, you don't have to watch it all in one sitting, but once you get started it might be hard to stop.
Many less observant, less hardy folks might dismiss the tartan capped, high-pitched Nardwuar The Human Serviette as simply a hyperactive irritant with a microphone -- lumping him in with seemingly similar in-your-face tightly-wound personalities such as fellow Canuck Tom Green, but first (and second) impressions can be deceiving. While we have to admit many of his disarming, oft-infuriating, absurd tactics do closely resemble those of more self-aggrandizing gonzo interviewers, there's definitely something else going on with this infamous irrepressible staunch Canadian. Let's take for example his unbelievably obsessive researching skills. For each and every potential interview subject, he consistently bloodhounds out the obscurest, mundanest, yet oddly fascinating facts that effectively stop the interviewee in his/her tracks. Y'know, those little skeletons in the closet that they themselves don't even remember, and that via Nardwuar have come back to haunt them much to their glee or chagrin.
In the early days, he started out by primarily digging into the nooks and crannies of the indie music scene doing interviews for his radio show. As his own notoriety grew so did his scope, broadening to encompass the whole show biz industry. Along the way he's also delved deeper and deeper into other media related areas and points of interest (politics, self-help, tele-evangelism to name a few).
The list of people to whom he's somehow gained access is in itself nothing short of mind-blowing (over 60 interviews are featured on this dvd set and that's a mere drop in this Serviette's bucket) -- Mikhail Gorbachev, Dan Quayle, Gene Simmons, Pam Grier, Marilyn Manson, Destiny's Child, Gwar, Kelly Osborne, Slayer, Ian MacKaye, Vanilla Ice, Franz Ferdinand, Wesley Willis, David Cross, Busta Rhymes, Michael Moore, Cradle Of Filth, Blur, Henry Rollins, Thor, Ernest Angley.... And that's not even counting his multiple interview encounters with Snoop Dogg, Courtney Love and Jello Biafra over the past decade.
Clearly people love him, hate him and love to hate him, but when he suffered a brain hemmorhage a few years back, it was nothing but an outpouring of love and admiration that came his way from all walks of life. While hospitalized he received an avalanche of gifts and well-wishes (including a painting by and from David Lee Roth!), and even had to have his own bedside payphone to take all the calls that came flooding in. But now fortunately he is back on his feet wreaking havoc with this, his most comprehensive crowning glory to date. Granted it's not for everyone, but those who rise to the challenge will be duly rewarded with a thorough schooling of headscratching useful and useless facts, figures and trivia, will be thoroughly entertained along the way, and will find themselves responding with a resounding "Doot Doo!"
Also included: lots of sights and sounds of Nardwuar's bands (The Evaporators and Thee Goblins), an eye-straining 16 page boooklet, and yes of course, audio commentary!

album cover ANDREWS, MICHAEL Me And You And Everyone We Know - Original Film Score (Everloving) cd 14.98
You loved the movie in the theater, now you can love the soundtrack in your car, living room or anywhere! Yup, here's the soundtrack to Miranda July's acclaimed film Me And You And Everyone We Know featuring a score composed by Michael Andrews (who also scored Donnie Darko and Freaks And Geeks!). Even without visual accompaniment it's a dreamily contemplative listen. Perfect if you're seeking something that will evoke a sense of calm in your surroundings. A spoken word piece by Ms July opens the proceedings, but from that point on it's primarily an instrumental work. Warm, smooth tones from a full spectrum of instruments drift, waft and float languidly for a spell, then dissipate. It's not until the sixth track that a human voice resurfaces. The mellow Cody Chesnutt sung "5 On A Joyride" could easily be mistaken for one of Money Mark's sensitive guy pop songs. After that, the soundtrack maintains the soothing pace with additional occasional verbal and non-verbal vocal interludes ("Peter And Sylvie" is particularly lovely!). Rounding off the album's sixteen tracks are a couple by Spiritualized (their very Jesus And Mary Chain-esque "Any Way That You Want Me") and Virginia Astley.
Psst, if you need more of Andrews' music, we've also just received his new solo album cd/book set Hand On String!

album cover ARAB STRAP The Last Romance (Transdreamer) cd 14.98
What's been concocted in the Arab Strap brewery since their last album Monday At the Hug & Pint back in 2003? Something big. To mark their tenth year of existence, they've opted to pour their sixth album into a sleekly produced affair with surprisingly fleshed out full band arrangements (horns, strings, the whole kit'n'kaboodle). As a result, it's mighty big on rock, lush and slightly shoegazerly, and their trademark endless-night-at-the-pub melancholia really benefits from this new turn of events. Never fear, Malcolm Middleton and Aidan Moffett are as bleary-eyed, sneering and ill-tempered as ever, but their sourness has never sounded so sweet. Their battered romantic hearts have muscled over their whiskeyed vitriolic spirits this time. Some songs here are downright beautiful. Check out "Don't Ask Me To Dance" and the album's official closer "There Is No Ending". You just wanna give 'em a hug. Psst, a secret bonus: we just noticed that there's an additional two songs at the end ("El Paso Song" and "Go Back To The Sea") that aren't mentioned in the track listing on the back of the cd!

album cover V/A A Tribute To Will Oldham : I Am A Cold Rock, I Am Dull Grass (Tract) cd 13.98
Wow! Here's a terrific tribute to Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy aka Palace aka Palace Brothers aka Palace Music, etc). This homage comes in the form of a collection of cover versions performed by many familiar AQ faves and fine contemporaries of Mr. Oldham. Each of them brings his/her own distinct flair to the chosen tune, but we noticed that some come remarkably close to absolute replication of the original. Hmmm, what's that old saying about mimicry being the sincerest form of flattery? But is it mimicry when someone really does sound like someone else without even trying? No, of course not. Anyways, the highlights and notables include Calexico, Iron And Wine, Mark Kozelek, Scout Niblett, Rivulets, Court And Spark, Pinetop Seven, and Jolie Holland. Great for fans of one and all.
album cover V/A And To The Disciples That Remain (Amish) cd 14.98
In celebration of their 11th year Amish records has released this comp filled with some names you know and some names you soon will from the murky wide world of the underground folk scene. A totally solid collection with not a loser in the bunch. From folks we've come to love like P.G. Six, Samara Lubelski, Dan Brown from Hall Of Fame, Helen Rush of Tower Recordings and totally stand out tracks from Oakley Hall and Bird Show. What's so nice about this comp is that while there is a connection in style and aesthetic between the artists they don't all sound alike and each brings their own slant to good old fashion american underground folk. Also nice to hear a collection like this that doesn't have some of the same names we're always used to hearing in this scene (Devendra, Sufjan, Joanna, etc) nothing against them, of course we love them but nice to remember there are many others doing wonderful things in that world.

From DARLA Records:

COCTEAU TWINS Treasure cd $11.49

652637041224. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The debut full length release (1984). The opening two numbers are simply flawless, starting with "Ivo," where gently strummed guitar and low bass support Fraser's singing; then suddenly added, astonishing chimes and steady percussion build up to a jaw-dropping Guthrie guitar solo. Topping that would be hard for anyone, but in "Lorelei," the Twins do it, with an introductory, breathtaking guitar surge leading into one of Fraser's best vocals, compelling in both its heavenly and earthly tones and rolls. Not a word may be understandable, but it isn't necessary, while the music, driven on by a pounding rhythm, is as perfect a justification of digital delay pedals and the like as can be found. As Treasure continues, the accomplished variety is what stands out the most, whether it be the gentle, futuristic-medieval pluckings on "Beatrix," the understated moody washes and Fraser whispers on "Otterley," the upbeat guitar lines of "Aloysius," or the slightly jazzy touches on "Pandora." The concluding number ends the record on the peak with which it began. "Donimo" starts with a mysterious mix of mock choir sounds, ambient echoes and noises, and Fraser's careful singing before finally exploding into one last heavenly wash of powerful sound; Guthrie's guitar, Raymonde's steady bass, and drum machine smashes provide the perfect bed for Fraser's final, exultant vocals. Treasure lives up to its title and then some as a thorough and complete triumph. --AMG

Via Forced Exposure:


VA: All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1: Sonic Youth Curated CD (ATPR 002CD) 14.50
Originally released in 2001 as the companion to ATP 1.0, All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 was curated by Sonic Youth, and was initially created to accompany the All Tomorrow's Parties events held in Los Angeles and England. This compilation definitely has the Sonic Youth fingerprint with acts as far ranging as noise mavens Boredoms to husky crooner Cat Power. Features exclusive unreleased tracks and new song versions by Sonic Youth, Unwound, Stephen Malkmus, Stereolab, Bardo Pond, Cat Power, Papa M, Cannibal Ox, Dead C, Boredoms, Kevin Drumm and Satans Tornade. This compilation captures the very spirit of the ATP Festival by matching disparate musical elements that together create a cross-section of the very best under-represented music.


VA: All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0: Shellac Curated CD (ATPR 003CD) 14.50
All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0 was originally released in 2002, and the festival itself was hosted by indie rock icons Shellac at Chamber Sands in Sussex, UK. As is the tradition, the curators were asked to assemble a lineup of their favorite acts to share the stage with them at the event. The accompanying compilation CD compiles moody angularity, and sometimes jaunty, sometimes orchestral indie emotives with a particularly Steve Albini stamp. All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0 features new and unreleased tracks from the likes of Shellac, Mission Of Burma, Bonnie Prince Billy, Nina Nastasia, Threnody Ensemble, High Dependency Unit, Arcwelder, The Fall, Shipping News, Do Make Say Think and Rachel's.


BARDO POND: On The Ellipse CD (ATPR 005CD) 14.50
Originally released in 2003, this is Bardo Pond's sixth release. Formed in Philadelphia in 1989 by brothers John and Michael Gibbons, Bardo Pond is one of the most mesmerizing bands of the past few years. On The Ellipse sounds like a heavy mix of Sabbath riffs blended with the folk beauty of Led Zep III -- a broad-stroked swirl of heavy riffs, improvised jams and acoustic meditations. Often quoted as being Mogwai's favorite band, Bardo Pond performed at the very first ATP festival, as well as being hand-picked by Sonic Youth for their ATP in Los Angeles. Both heavy and intense, Bardo Pond possesses a hypnotic spell that lures you into a psychedelic lair and always leaves you wanting more.


PUFNSTUF: Original Soundtrack Album CD (ACMEM 065CD) 16.00
"The soundtrack to the film version of Sid & Marty Krofft's gigantic children's TV hit HR Pufnstuf-the programme that introduced psychedelia into the diet of English and American children in the late sixties/ early seventies. Starring the most famous English boy actor of all, Jack Wild who had starred as the artful dodger in Lionel Bart's 1968 film musical smash Oliver! alongside the great Cass Elliot from the Mamas And The Papas (whose film debut this was), so a unique anglo-American appeal. Pufnstuf was a smash hit in America and is today an institution. Still remembered fondly by those that were touched by it as children and now enjoyed by younger viewers through cable transmissions. Pufnstuf was also a hit here in the UK where, like The Simpsons, it enjoyed prime airtime slot at 6pm in the evening. The soundtrack written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel (Barbarella, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley) is a remarkable amalgam of bugglegum, psychedelic instrumentation and joyful knockabout songs including 'Zap The World' and the fine Cass solo number 'Different' which is exclusive to this record. Pufnstuf is full of great, clever, funny songs sung by Jack Wild, Cass Elliot, Witchiepoo and the cast."


VA: OHM+ The Early Gurus of Electronic Music DVD (ELLIP 3694DVD) 17.00
This is a stand-alone DVD issue of the recent bonus disc that was added to the 2CD/DVD 2005 reprinting of Ohm (so if you bought the old 2CD version years ago, now you just get the DVD by itself). "OHM+ DVD contains two and a half hours of rare performances, interviews, animations and experimental video. Includes Robert Moog, Clara Rockmore, Leon Theremin, John Cage, Morton Sobotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Speigel, John Chowning, Paul Lansky, Steve Reich and many more." Additional artists: Jean-Claude Risset, Holger Czukay, Bebe Barron, Iannis Xenakis, Milton Babbitt, David Behrman, John Chowning, Robert Ashley, Max Mathews, Pauline Oliveros, Mother Mallard, Robert Moog. Standard DVD packaging, NTSC all-region DVD.


JOYNER, SIMON: Beautiful Losers: Singles & Compilation Tracks 1994-1999 CD (JAG 076CD) 13.50
"The early 90's lo-fi explosion coincided with and was precipitated by the emergence of hundreds of small independent tape labels, many of which only existed long enough to release one compilation. It was during this heyday that Simon Joyner contributed some of his finest material to various intrinsically limited edition releases. Beautiful Losers: Singles and Compilation Tracks 1994-1999 collects all such compilation appearances and the few singles made during these years, including the perennial favorite 'One for the Catholic Girls' and 'Burn Rubber,' recently covered by Bright Eyes. This was such a prolific period for Joyner that he usually contributed his best songs of the moment to whoever requested a track, instead of reserving them for his proper albums. You'll find here varying degrees of sound quality and various approaches to songs, from solo acoustic to full band, but what ties the collection together is the strength of the material. This isn't filler."


PINK MOUNTAINTOPS: Axis of Evol CD (JAG 083CD) 13.50
"With Axis of Evol, Pink Mountaintops' second full-length record, Mcbean has once again created something much greater than the sum of his influences. Axis of Evol begins with a foreboding spiritual. It then almost immediately ramps up into a thumping, buzzing, blissful haze, at various parts sounding like the Velvet Underground or Spacemen 3 or the Jesus and Mary Chain circa Psycho Candy, and then ends with a hypnotic, Smog-like meditation. Throughout the record, Mcbean sings about love and war, the love of war, and the war of love-on the body, on the mind and on the soul. Home-recorded and largely self-produced, Axis of Evol is a further testament to the vital prolificacy of Stephen Mcbean."

WIRE 265

WIRE, THE: #265 March 2006 MAG (WIRE 265) 8.00
"On the cover: Phill Niblock (At 72, the pioneering American 'loud music minimalist' and film maker is at the top of his game). Features: Wooden Wand (The sprawling US collective stitch together a family quilt of influences, from Kraut to misfit hillbilly); Tape (The in-house group of Sweden's Hapna label make electroacoustic Improv in the midnight hour); Keith Berry (This British digital composer treats found sounds to plant surreal seeds in listener's ears); Invisible Jukebox: The Bug; Mat Maneri (New York's 'microtonal jazz' violinist tells Philip Clark how moving out of his father's shadow took him to the edge.); Once Upon a Time in San Francisco (How Quicksilver Messenger Service and others tore up the late '60s Bay Area Ballroom scene)."