Sunday, May 08, 2005

Creem Online

They're back. Why didn't I know sooner? Now if only Crawdaddy can get it together, life would be complete.

Read the Pamela des Barres account of journo-stalking Robert Plant and check out the picture if you believe the old canard that men age well but women don't:

After getting up too early and waiting in line with other laminated press posers, I sat patiently during Robert's press conference while serious folk asked significant musical questions. Then, as Mr. Plant's handlers began to round him up, I popped out of my seat and queried, "So, do you still have groupies?"

For a bemused second or two it looked as if Robert might try to come up with an intelligent answer, but soon realized the doll he used to call "Miss Pamela," was the one doing the asking. "Miss P! I can't believe it's YOU!" he howled, leaping up from behind the press table and meeting me in the middle of the room, where he picked me up and gazed at me as if I were the third coming. It was one of those stellar moments in life when time stopped as the flashbulbs popped. He pulled me into the sanctum area, where we marveled at each other before heading to the Oasis, a magnificent eatery a few miles away on an idyllic lake. We gabbed joyously like 25 years hadn't passed, and that night he packed the Austin Music Hall, while I stood by the side of the stage like the good ol' glory days.


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