Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kentucky Derby pick

I used to spend much time in the late 80's handicapping but was never that good (I had a few middling scores but was luckier at the slots) and when i learned about the way the people live on the backside of the track (the jockeys down to the walkers not to mention the "claimer", that is the less talented, horses), I concluded its a manifestly exploitive sport, probably worse than any of the others.

But I'm not perfect and still like the challenge of prognosticating. So once a year, I "play" the Kentucky Derby (I'm usually too busy or lazy to actually place a bet however).

Since I'm convinced that you might as well just play your heart rather than spend your life poring over racing forms, I now pick based on names rather than all that other stuff.

So here's my analysis. Visit Railbird for more info.

Bandini across the board. Why? Well, if you are a Buk fan, how can you pass up a chance to bet on a horse named after his favorite author's alter ego. He's also the third favorite, won last easily going four wide on the turn.

Indie rockers may want to check out Wilko.

I had a friend who used to pick the "gayest" name (his term not mine and yes, he was gay). I'm guessing he would have picked Sun King.

So, there's your exacta box - Bandini-Wilko-Sun King.

UPDATE: Damn, the horse named after Sting's son and owned by Jerry Moss (the "M" of record label A&M) won.

Mitigating factor: A-hole Nick Zito didn't get in the money.


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